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Program Costs

MHPC Medical Laboratory Technician Program

Estimated Student Costs for the MLT Program

Tuition and Fees for the MHPC MLT Program professional year (MLT coursework) will be higher than general education costs at the home campus. This is an estimate of student costs associated with the program, including tuition, books, supplies, immunizations, training/certifications.


MLT Admissions Expenses (due in the summer semester, upon acceptance to the MLT Program)
Office of Inspector General Background Screening 2.75
Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Background Screening 14.00
11-panel drug screen 39.50
Student Membership Dues for American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) 25.00
Physical Examination (cost is estimated and varies depending on healthcare provider/insurance coverage) 150.00*
Immunizations – (cost is estimated and varies depending on healthcare provider/insurance coverage): Tetanus/diphtheria (Tdap) within past 10 years; MMR  series; Hepatitis B series; Varicella vaccination series or titer indicating immunity; annual flu shot; annual TB Screening 500.00*
Supplies (scrubs, nametag, appropriate shoes, etc) 300.00
Sub-Total, MLT Admissions $1,030.25*
Semester 1 (FALL, 16-weeks)
Tuition and Fees @ 14 credit hours/5 classes (paid directly to home campus) 4158.00
Books - estimated (paid to campus bookstore or ordered online)  900.00 
Sub-Total, Fall $5,058.00
Semester 2 (SPRING, 16-weeks)
Tuition and Fees @ 15 credit hours/4 classes (paid directly to home campus) 4158.00
Books - estimated (paid to campus bookstore or ordered online) 900.00 
Sub-Total, Spring $5,858.00
Semester 3 (SUMMER, 8-weeks)
Tuition and Fees @ 6 credit hours/3 classes (paid directly to home campus) 2079.00
Certification Examination- ASCP-BOC fees 215.00 
Sub-Total, Summer $2,294.00
TOTAL Estimated Professional Year Cost $13,440.25

*These are cost estimates that vary depending on healthcare/provider insurance coverage

Tuition & Fees listed above are current and are paid directly to the home campus with the exception of the background screens and drug screen, subject to change each year. Specific tuition and fee rates may vary by campus but the total cost to the student remains the same regardless of home campus assignment. Total tuition and fee rates include tuition, professional program/course fees, student activity fees, technology fees and support services fees and do not vary based on student designation of in/out of district. All other costs (books, immunizations, screenings, supplies, etc.) are only an approximation. Program costs above do not include ordinary costs of daily transportation, living expenses, child care, and health insurance. Transportation costs to travel to home campus, clinical lab and/or clinical rotation sites are not included above. Clinical rotation costs will vary throughout the professional coursework depending on location. If a student chooses a distant clinical fieldwork site, he/she is responsible for related living expenses, including transportation, room and board.