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2018-19 MACCA Officers and Committees


MACCA Officers

  • Becky Treu, President
  • Stacy Donald, Vice President
  • Lori Perry, Secretary
  • Tammy Richardson, Treasurer


Association Committee Members

Courtesy Committee - acknowledges the association members' needs for support and/or celebration of personal events.
  • Lori Perry, Chair

Legislative Committee - members are expected to keep aware of issues in the Missouri State Legislature that address community college's funding and to relay this information to association members.
  • Stacy Donald, Chair
  • Susan Arment
  • Mark Chambers
  • Jennifer Chinn
  • Matt Crist
  • Valerie Darst
  • Jo Fey
  • Mary Fine
  • Tracy Huang
  • Henry Imler
  • William Justus
  • Lloyd Marchant
  • Sara Sapp
  • Amy See
  • Alese Thompson

Membership Committee - serves primarily to recruit and maintain membership records as well as to promote participation in MACC activities.
  • Becky Treu, Chair
  • Stacy Donald
  • Ann Parks
  • Lori Perry
  • Tammy Richardson

Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee - serves to answer questions about issues of professional ethics and/or obligations regarding possible grievances by MACC faculty and staff.
  • No current members

Salary Committee - meets to discuss issues concerning salary and benefits for MACC faculty and staff.
  • Robert Williams, Chair
  • Jennifer Haynes
  • Sherry Todd

Social Committee - plans college-wide activities to encourage fellowship among MACC faculty and staff.
  • Jill Gosseen, Co-Chair
  • Michelle Kribbs, Co-Chair
  • Rita Wheeler, Consulting Chair
  • Pat Burke
  • Shandra Clark
  • Regina Fusselman
  • Nicole King
  • Lisa Major
  • Cindy Meyer
  • Amanda Moore
  • Kristin Mosley
  • Amy Weimer
  • Kristine Zauke