Practical Nursing students from MACC-Mexico attend training on "Mass Casualty Events" in preparation for upcoming pinning ceremony

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The event was held on the Mexico Campus for Practical Nursing students scheduled to complete the program later this month. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be eligible to apply to take the National Council of Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses. The State of Missouri Nursing Practice Act, Section 335.066, provides additional criteria for eligibility to apply for licensure as a Practical Nurse. Vicky Witherspoon, Mexico’s Practical Nursing instructor, planned and organized the event with help from Amy Hilderman and Michael Coats. The pictures were provided by Practical Nursing Coordinator, Stacey O’Neal. 

Volunteers included: MACC Staff; Nicole King, Tanna Whitworth, Coltier Blakely, Mike Evans, Darinda Mast, Michelle Scanavino, and Walter Staley, as well as friends/family of MACC Staff; Brent O’Neal, Caitlyn Reeves, Julie Johnson, Sophia Gorham, and Chakara Slavens. 

“There were no warnings given to the students regarding today’s events. They were surprised to hear a “crash” being played over the speaker and their instructor calling them to the scene,” said Stacey O’Neal, MACC – Mexico PN Coordinator.

Students were given tasks and instructions as if they were on the scene of a mass casualty incident. After triaging the accident victims, the student nurses returned to the scene. Their responsibilities included assessing injuries, providing quick interventions, and recognizing those who could be treated and needed rapid transport to a facility for further treatment. 

“The scenario taught them how to prioritize serious injuries and maximize survivability. It showed them how to react appropriately and professionally even with minimal equipment at hand. They were able to deal with a wide variety of wounds, including minor cuts, heat exposure, and massive head injuries.” says O’Neal. 

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Mass Casualty Event 2022

*Please note that these photos are depictions rather than actual trauma scenes. 


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