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MACC Book List

Spring Book List


MACC cannot issue refunds or exchanges for textbooks purchased online or from a location other than the MACC Bookstore. If you do not purchase your textbooks from the MACC Bookstore, you are subject to the refund and return policy of the store where you made your purchase.

Be aware that online retailers do not always use the same ISBN numbers that college Bookstores use to identify textbooks. Do not purchase a textbook online using only the ISBN number for verification. Also, ISBN numbers that identify textbooks are subject to change. To ensure that you are purchasing the correct textbook for the course, MACC highly recommends that you purchase textbooks from the MACC Bookstore. MACC is not responsible for textbooks purchased online or from other Bookstores.


MACC Bookstore Textbook Return Policies

The MACC Bookstore cannot issue a refund without a receipt. Full refunds will be granted through one day past the last day of tuition refund (typically one week into Summer classes, prior to the start of Intersession classes, and two weeks into Fall and Spring classes). Check the current academic calendar or contact the Bookstore for these dates.

Refunds for check or cash purchases will be processed by the Business Office and refunded by check unless there is a balance on your account. Refunds for credit card purchases will be credited back on the card. Refunds for Financial Aid will be credit back to your Financial Aid account. If you are unsure about the MACC Bookstore refund and return policy, please contact Bookstore personnel at the time of your purchase.


Textbooks Purchased New

New books must be returned in new condition, with no marks or signs of wear (including bent corners, which can happen when books are placed in a book bag). Shrink-wrapped materials cannot be returned once the package is opened. Check your textbooks for damage prior to leaving the Bookstore, and notify Bookstore personnel if you find any.

NOTE: Loose leaf textbooks are rarely accepted for buyback.


Textbooks Purchased Used

For a refund on a purchase of used textbooks, the used books must be returned in good condition.


Clothing and Supplies

No refunds on supplies, memorabilia, and clothing. If the item is defective you can exchange it for the same item with receipt. Clothing may be exchanged for a different size only with original price tag and receipt. Clothing must be clean and odor free.

We want your shopping experience at the MACC bookstore to be an enjoyable one. Thank you for choosing MACC.