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Logos logoAbout Logos and the One Read

Our Mission

We expect students who graduate from MACC to be proficient in college-level communication. This expectation includes critical thinking, critical reading, and writing. It is our professional responsibility to help develop this proficiency. With this in mind, we recommend that every course involves critical thinking and incorporates assignments that require reading and writing.

The Logos Project provides education, resources, and support in order to ensure that students realize this expectation and faculty fulfill this responsibility.

Our Committee

The LOGOS committee is made up of faculty and administrators from a wide range of disciplines. To find out more about the committee and to get in touch with us, see the link blow.

One Read

One of the best ways to foster the realization of our mission is to foster participation in a college–wide "One Read". The idea is to have students, faculty, and administration all engage in the reading and discussion of the same book at the same time—a wild idea, we know. One student may be reading the same book for a history course, a science course, and a communication course, intertwining the themes of the courses in the book. This helps us engage in inter–discipline discussion, analysis, and application, helping us see concepts in various disciplines from their varied perspectives.

2019 – 2021 One Read Book

For the 2019-2021 school year, we are all reading Why We Make Mistakes by Joseph T. Hallinan. Find out more below:

Student Artifacts

Figure: Diagram showcasing the steps to the critical thinking process.

During our pilot program, Professor Felicia Leach had students represent themes of the book through art. Check out some of her student artifacts below:

LOGOS Resources


While the One Read is designed to bolster our collective reading skills and to engage the whole college in a particularly focused conversation, our faculty have created a handbook useful in developing skills in reading, writing and critical thinking: