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Law Enforcement

Courses with an LEN prefix may only be taken by students in the Law Enforcement Training Center Program after they have been approved for admission.


Course Descriptions

LEN 120: Criminal Justice Communications
Students learn to effectively communicate and interact with victims, witnesses, and offenders in a variety of criminal justice situations and throughout the judicial process.

LEN 125: First Responder
Students learn basic first aid including CPR and AED for law enforcement.

LEN 126: Physical Training and Health
Students learn a variety of physical fitness concepts including mental wellness and nutrition to improve overall officer well-being.

LEN 135: Officer Survival
Students learn tactics for officer awareness and safety in a variety of situations such as vehicle stops, domestic violence investigations, and building searches.

LEN 136: Tactical Operations
Students discuss the physical and psychological factors which affect an officer during patrol and job performance. Students learn techniques that provide officers with safer options, verbal skills, and actions to use in difficult situations.

LEN 150: Criminal Law and Adjudication
Students cover Missouri Statutory Criminal Law and how it applies to processing and investigation through the criminal court system.

LEN 210: Criminal Investigation I
Students learn about misdemeanor and basic felony investigations including evidence collection and basic crime scene procedures with a focus on report writing.

LEN 220: Criminal Investigation II
Students build upon investigation skills by focusing on severe and violent criminal acts. Students learn to process a crime scene with a continued emphasis on report writing.

LEN 225: Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution
Students learn about handling aggressive behavior, domestic violence, and child abuse situations with tactics for crisis intervention and conflict resolution.

LEN 230: Professional Conduct and Ethics
Students learn best practices for law enforcement officers’ operations and the decision making process involved in ethical behavior.

LEN 235: Firearms Training
Students learn safe handling techniques, basic operational principles of handguns and shotguns, and cleaning and loading of firearms, plus firing in daylight and lowlight including during stressful situations.