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►SECURITY - EXT. 11247 OR 651-9011 ● AFTER HOURS - POLICE - 263-0346 ● EMERGENCIES - 911 ◄

  • Do not attempt to move the injured or ill person unless necessary for immediate safety.
  • Notify the Randolph Co. Ambulance by calling 9-911 from a campus phone, or 911 from a cell phone. Do not leave the person unattended if possible.
  • Contact the Security Department at ext. 11247 or 651-9011 as soon as possible.
  • The Dean of Student Services, ext. 11235, or designee will notify the person(s) designated as emergency contacts on a student's application form. The Director of Personnel, ext. 11272, will make contacts for employees.
  • College personnel or students caring for injured or ill persons should avoid exposure to blood and other body fluids unless wearing protective latex gloves.
  • Security should complete an accident/injury report and submit a copy to the Vice President for Finance.
  • Suicide Attempt/