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Hybrid courses combine a traditional classroom setting with an online component. Hybrid courses meet 50 percent of the class time in a traditional classroom setting and 50 percent of the class time online. Hybrid courses use Canvas to facilitate course work and virtual classroom interaction between students, their peers, and faculty members. Students may participate in threaded discussions, submit assignments online, read or watch lectures, and complete various other assignments in a hybrid course.

Hybrids offer the convenience and flexibility of online courses combined with the ability to work directly with your instructor and your peers. In return for this flexibility and convenience, students take responsibility for their learning by using time management skills and staying current with readings and assignments. Logging in to the course on a regular basis provides access to important class information as well as communication with fellow students and the professor.

If you are competent in basic computer skills and have reliable internet access at home (or alternate means to access the internet), then you already have the basic skills needed to succeed in a hybrid course. Students must also activate and utilize their MACC email account. If you are looking for the best of both worlds - both in-class and online learning - then hybrid courses are for you!

Questions about hybrid courses? Call 660-263-4110 x11303 or email us at .

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