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Hostage Situation

►SECURITY - EXT. 11247 OR 651-9011 ● AFTER HOURS - POLICE - 263-0346 ● EMERGENCIES - 911 ◄

Most demonstrations will be peaceful in nature and will not disrupt the daily operations of the campus. A demonstration should not be disrupted unless one or more of the following conditions exists:

  • Be patient. Don't make mistakes that could hazard your well-being or the well-being of others. Avoid drastic or heroic actions.
  • Be alert. Follow instructions. Attempt to establish a rapport with the hostage taker(s).
  • Don't speak unless spoken to, and then only say what is necessary. Don't talk down to the hostage taker(s) and avoid appearing hostile.
  • Maintain eye contact with the hostage taker(s) at all times but do not stare.
  • Comply with instructions the best you can and avoid arguments.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Be observant. You may be released or escape, and the personal safety of others may depend on your memory.
  • If medications, first aid, or restroom privileges are needed by anyone, say so. The captors, in all probability, don't want to harm the hostages. Such action further implicates the captor in additional offenses.
  • Be prepared to answer the police on the phone.
  • In the event you should escape or hostages are freed, do not scatter or leave the campus. If law enforcement is on the scene, a command post will be set up for you to report to immediately. Otherwise, report directly to the nearest campus official at the scene.