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Habitual Violator Procedure

All Moberly Area Community College students are subject to the parking rules and regulations set forth by the College when they operate and park a motor vehicle on MACC property. All vehicles parked on campus shall be registered with Student Affairs, and a permit will be displayed in the vehicle. Vehicles parked on College lots will be monitored for violations, and fines will be assessed to those drivers who illegally park their vehicles on campus.

Each permit issued will be allowed three violations per school year. Upon receiving the third violation, a letter will be sent to the student who is assigned that permit. The letter will advise the student that three violations have been assessed to their permit, and any further violations may result in the loss of parking privileges on MACC property.

If the permit holder receives a fourth violation, another letter is sent to the student informing them they have been placed on a “final warning” list. The student is advised that receiving a fifth violation will result in the parking permit being revoked. Should this happen, the student will not be allowed to park on MACC property until the following school year, at which time they may apply for a new permit. The permit information then goes on an “invalidated permit” list and anytime a vehicle is displaying that permit it will be issued a violation. Should the situation persist, the vehicle will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense (see tow policy).

Depending on the situation and the severity of the violation, the Security Director has the right to revoke a permit or tow a vehicle on the first violation.