Graduation Information


You have worked hard to complete the requirements for a degree or certificate from MACC.

In order to officially earn your degree or certificate and receive your diploma, you MUST apply for graduation. In addition, to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony (participation is optional), you must complete the Graduation Application. (There is no cost to participate in the commencement ceremony.)

To Complete the Graduation Application:
  • Log into your myMACC account.
  • Select the “Student” tab.
  • Select the “Graduation” tab on the left.
  • Then complete the “Graduation Application”.
         Complete all parts of the application (even if you DO NOT plan to participate in Commencement).
  • All follow-up correspondence from the MACC Registrar will be via your MACC student email account.

  *Please see additional graduation information below

Graduation Application Deadlines:
If you plan to complete degree/certificate requirements during:Applications are due by:
Fall (December)November 1
Summer (August)August 1
Spring (May)April 1

*Additional Graduation Information

Civics Exam and Constitution Requirement:
Missouri law, included in Senate Bill 807, requires every college student pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a public institution to pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination with at least a 70 percent to graduate. The rule will apply to the incoming class of first-time college students in the fall of 2019 and all students thereafter.

Access the Civics Exam in Canvas:
1. Click on the Student Resources Course.
2. Click Missouri Civics Achievement Exam on the course home page.
3. You will be directed to the Civics Exam Study Guide and Exam.

In addition, students must complete the state Constitution requirements as specified in Section 170.011 RSMo (Supp. 1987). This requirement is met by taking HST105, HST106, PSC103, or PSC105 or transferring an equivalent MOTR course. Students transferring an appropriate history, government, or political science course from another institution may take an exam to satisfy this requirement.

Assessments/Exit Exams:
Some MACC degree/certificate programs require passing scores on various assessment/exit exams. It is the responsibility of every graduating student to review the requirements for their degree program as defined in the current college catalog and to obtain passing scores on any specified exams prior to graduation. If an exit exam or other assessment is required for your degree program, sign up to take that exam as soon as possible. For more information regarding assessment/exit exam requirements, please see program information under Degree and Certificates or contact your academic advisor.

Specific Degree/Certificate Requirements:
Meet all other requirements for your declared degree/certificate program (e.g. minimum GPA requirements). For more information regarding specific degree/certificate requirements, please see program information under Degree and Certificates or contact your academic advisor.

Outstanding Fees:
Pay in full all outstanding fees owed to MACC. Official transcripts will not be released if students owe outstanding fees to MACC.

Apply for scholarships!
There are a wide variety of scholarships available to MACC Graduates who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university. These scholarships come from colleges and universities directly as well as private sources. You may be required to apply directly to the four-year school for some scholarships, while others may allow you to apply directly through MACC. Most scholarships have specific application deadlines, so you must review these documents carefully. The MACC non-institutional scholarships have a deadline of March 15. For a copy of the scholarship application or to apply online, please see Types of Financial Aid-Scholarships. For a list of scholarships, please see Scholarship Information.