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Frequently Asked Questions about the Virtual/Hybrid Associate Degree Nursing Accelerated Admissions Option

I want to apply to the program. How do I get an admission packet?

Admissions packets are available on the MACC website www.macc.edu. They are also available by contacting the office at 1-660-263-4110, ext.11250.

What pre-entry courses are required for the program?



Human Anatomy 4
Physiology 4
General Psychology 3
Human Lifespan 3
Composition I 3
Math 140 or > 3
Sociology 3

(Please note Physiology and Microbiology must be repeated if completed five years or more before the first nursing course date of the Virtual/Hybrid Accelerated ADN program.)

Do I have to have my high school transcript?

Yes. Your high school transcript is required as part of the admissions packet.

Do I have to have all of my college transcripts?

Yes. All college transcripts must be present in order to evaluate the cumulative GPA. A transcript is required for each individual school you have attended.

Can I submit my admissions packet even though it is not fully completed?

Admissions packets must be complete when submitted. A checklist is located in the packet to help ensure you have completed all of the items. Packets missing required admissions items will not be accepted.

Can I apply if I am a Graduate Practical Nurse?

Yes; however, admission is contingent on successfully completing the NCLEX-PN prior to beginning the Virtual/Hybrid Associate Degree Nursing Accelerated Admissions Option program.

Can I apply if I currently do not have the required 23 hours of college credit?

Yes; however, admission into the program is contingent on successful completion (a "C" or better) of the required 23 credit hours by the beginning of the program.

When will I be notified of the admissions committee’s decision?

Letters of acceptance or regret will sent via the mail 60 days after the admissions deadline.

When does the program start?

Classes for the Virtual/Hybrid Accelerated Associate Degree Nursing program will start in January of each year. Please refer to the Academic Map for recommended course sequence.

Will I be able to sit in the classroom during a class lecture?

Yes. Please keep in mind the lecture will be given at one of our three locations (Moberly, Kirksville, and Mexico) and will be transmitted via the web.

How much does the program cost?

Cost including tuition and program specific cost can be located on the college website at www.macc.edu.

If I am accepted in the program where should I expect to travel for clinical experiences?

A list of possible clinical locations is listed on the nursing website in the screen titled “Things You Need to Know”.

Additional information can be found in the admission packet. Please refer to the admission packet located on the website.