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Associate of Arts - Fine Arts Electives


ART100: Color Theory

ART101: *Art Survey and Appreciation I

ART102: *Art Survey and Appreciation II

ART105: 2-D Design

ART110: Drawing and Composition I

ART111: Drawing and Composition II

ART112: 3-D Design

ART115: Cultural Studies in Art

ART124: Beginning Sculpture

ART125: Sculpture II

ART130: Beginning Printmaking

ART135: Digital Photography

ART136: Video I

ART201: Painting I

ART202: Painting II

ART205: Ceramics I

ART206: Ceramics II

ART221: Creative Photography

ART222: Photography II

ART225: Art for the Elementary Teacher

ART299: Special Studies in Art

DRM115: Cultural Studies in Theater

DRM120: *Theater Appreciation

DRM 150: Acting I

DRM 210: Acting II

DRM 160: Children's Theater

DRM165: Stage Makeup

DRM215: Directing

DRM299: Special Studies in Drama

MUS101: Fundamentals of Music

MUS102: *Music Appreciation

MUS103: History of Rock and Roll

MUS105: *Music of America

MUS116: Basic Piano Skills I

MUS118: Basic Piano Skills II

MUS120: Private Voice I

MUS121: Private Voice II

MUS220: Private Voice III

MUS221: Private Voice IV

MUS122: Private Piano I

MUS123: Private Piano II

MUS222: Private Piano III

MUS223: Private Piano IV

MUS130: MACC Singers I

MUS131: MACC Singers II

MUS230: MACC Singers III

MUS231: MACC Singers IV

MUS205: *World Music

MUS215: Cultural Studies in Music

MUS299: Special Studies in Music


*Meets Humanities Requirement