Financial Aid Portal

MACC is excited to provide students with a Financial Aid Portal which provides one unique location for important information related to their financial aid. To log in, use your myMACC/CANVAS user name and password. Click the links below to learn more.

Your Financial Aid Offer lists all estimated institutional, federal and state aid offered to you to attend Moberly Area Community College. These amounts are subject to change based on several eligibility factors, such as (but limited to) the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled in your declared degree program and academic progress status.

If you have not applied for financial aid, you may use the Financial Aid Checklist to help guide you through the process.

MACC uses a Cost of Attendance (COA) to calculate student financial aid. The COA is a reasonable estimate of the cost of attending MACC. This is not the amount you owe the college. To help you calculate your direct charges owed to MACC we have created an 2022-2023 estimated cost worksheet.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the maximum amount of aid a student may receive from all types of aid combined. The Financial Aid Office establishes standard student budgets (also known as the COA) each year as a basis for awarding financial aid funds. These budgets reflect typical “modest but adequate” expense patterns of Moberly Area Community College students based on survey results. While actual expenses will vary based on each student’s lifestyle and level of enrollment, the estimated costs used in the cost of attendance should assist students with planning their own budgets.

We strongly recommend each student to create a modest and conservative budget and stick to it. The four C’s – cars, clothes, credit cards, and calls – can bust your budget! Remember this quote: “It is better to live ‘like a college’ student while you’re in college, than after you graduate.”

The components of the MACC Cost of Attendance (COA) are described below:

Fees and Tuition

The fees and tuition component used in the COA is based on the average costs for a typical MACC student, using the average of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 rates. The actual costs a student incurs will vary depending on their residency status and enrollment choices. A list of current fees and tuition for all MACC courses and students are available online on our Fee and Tuition website.

If you have not enrolled, you may calculate your charges by multiplying the number of credit hours in which you plan to enroll by the cost per credit hour, as listed on our Fee and Tuition website.

If you are already enrolled you may view your account balance on myMACC, following these steps: 

  • login to your account at
  • click on ‘Student’located on the red menu bar at the top of the page
  • click on ‘Billing Information’located on the menu on the left side of the page
  • click on the ‘Pay Online’button (you do not have to pay online to review your balance)
  • follow the steps to create an account (if you do not have an account set up already)
  • ‘Payment Activity’(this section will give you the balance based on pending financial aid
  • Click on ‘Transaction Details’for more detailed information


Housing and Meals (also known as “Room and Board”)

Unless a student has contracted housing and/or a meal plan with MACC, their housing is discretionary and costs can vary significantly based on their living arrangements and personal choices. We suggest each student carefully evaluate their costs incurred when choosing to live off-campus. If you live off-campus, you may save money by having roommates. Students who live at home and commute to campus will reduce housing and meal costs significantly.

Independent students and Dependent students not living at home


$4,268 per semester

Dependent students living at home


$1,904 per semester

Students living in dorm ($1,500) w/ All-Access meal plan ($1,750)


$3,250 per semester

The amounts for the off-campus housing and meals component of the COA were based on student survey results.  The option used in each student’s COA will be based on information provided on the student’s FAFSA.

To learn more about MACC’s housing and meal options, visit our College Housing page.

Books and Supplies

The books and supplies component is $312 per semester. These costs vary by program, course load, and classes selected; this amount was determined by student survey results.

MACC offers e-Books and other electronic resources for many classes. A Course Resource Fee is directly billed to students’ accounts at the time of registration. The fee gives students “day one” access to eResources, an eBook, and in some courses an online lab through Canvas. This fee is course specific and listed on the Student Data Sheet. To see a complete list of courses with Course Fees go the Fees and Tuition.


The travel allowance is $298 per semester. This allowance includes costs for operating and maintaining a vehicle which is used to trans­port the student to and from school, but not for the purchase of a vehicle. Each student’s actual cost may vary depending on how far and often they travel for class meetings. We recommend car-pooling as a means for reducing transportation costs. The amount is based on student survey results which indicated the average MACC student travels 39 miles each week to attend classes; multiplied by 49 cents per mile, which is the State of Missouri mileage reimbursement rate.

Personal and Miscellaneous

The allowance for personal and miscellaneous expenses is $696 per semester. This amount was determined by student survey results. This category represents every other student expense, such as: cell phone, clothes, personal hygiene, entertainment, etc. It is the most variable and personal component of anyone’s budget. Personal spending can make or break a college budget! The most important thing is to set yourself an allowance, keep track of your expenses, and stick to your budget.

This link will describe missing documents or information needed to process your financial aid. 

After clicking the Documents option in the menu, a dropdown displays the Forms and Files option, click this link to open My Forms and Files, this screen consists of two columns:

  • Missing Documents
    • All documents that require attention are listed under this heading
    • Clicking the Document Type hyperlink displays a popup, this popup can contain special instructions from the Financial Aid Office
    • When the document requires additional paperwork to be uploaded click the “Upload” link
      • Once clicked the Upload documents popup displays allowing you to select the appropriate document file from the computer
      • Select a document file and click open
      • After adding the first document file the Upload Documents popup displays again, at this point either click the Upload Next Page link to add another document file or click Submit My Document button
        • Clicking Cancel stops the process and returns you to the My Forms and File screen without saving any of the uploaded document files
      • Once the documentation is submitted the document moves from the Missing Documents group to the Documents on File column
        • The document is now available for the Financial Aid Office to review
  • Documents on File
    • Represents the documents that are complete or ready to review with the financial aid office

The College Financing Plan is a consumer tool that institutions use to notify students about their financial aid package.

The U.S. Department of Education created a standardized financial aid “College Financing Plan” to simplify information for new undergraduate students. This consumer tool was designed to help students make informed decisions about higher education and provide families with a tool to compare the Net Cost (total cost minus grants and scholarships) at different institutions. It provides a simplified overview of your financial aid, and should be considered supplemental information to your MACC Financial Aid Offer and Offer Guide.

Before you can view your College Financing Plan you must:

  1. Complete admissions requirements
  2. Complete the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You may access your College Financing Plan by logging into your Financial Aid Portal and following these steps:

  • Click the College Financing Plan option in the menu to open this screen
    • Click the link associated with the year being reviewed
    • Once clicked a new screen opens which displays the College Financing plan for that year
      • Click the Download button to save a copy of this document
    • Review the document displayed
      • Offered funds listed in the  My FA screen are displayed in the different groups within the College Financing Plan
      • Review the groups within the College Financing Plan
      • Scholarship and Grant Options
      • Loan and Work Options

This information is supplemental to your official MACC Financial Aid Offer Guide. You can see your current financial aid offered by logging into your Financial Aid Portal and select My FA from the menu bar on the left, then select the Award Year from the dropdown box in center of screen.

The financial aid listed is contingent upon meeting all eligibility requirements, and may also change if you add or drop classes. 

The items listed under the Cost of Attendance are estimated expenses you may incur while enrolled at MACC. This is NOT the amount you owe the college.  Your actual expenses will vary.  We recommend completing the 2022-2023 Estimated Cost Worksheet to help you calculate your direct costs of attending MACC for the semester/year.

If you have not enrolled, you may calculate your charges by multiplying the number of credit hours in which you plan to enroll by the cost per credit hour, as listed on our Fee and Tuition website.

If you are already enrolled you may view your account balance on myMACC, following these steps:

  • login to your account at
  • click on ‘Student’ located on the red menu bar at the top of the page
  • click on ‘Billing Information’ located on the menu on the left side of the page
  • click on the ‘Pay Online’ button (you do not have to pay online to review your balance)
  • follow the steps to create an account (if you do not have an account set up already)
  • ‘Payment Activity ’(this section will give you the balance based on pending financial aid
  • Click on ‘Transaction Details’ for more detailed information

MACC does not automatically offer student loans or Work-Study. If you need to apply for a loan or Work-Study, please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Although the recommended loan amount is zero, you may find the maximum you are eligible to borrow by reading the Loan Application Guide on our Financial Aid Forms website. We recommend conservative borrowing, and encourage students to borrow only as much as they need.

The College Financing Plan also provides a Glossary of the most common terms used in financial aid, reading them will help you better understand the programs and processes.

For more information or Questions about Financial Aid
telephone: 660-263-4100, extension 11301

Touchpoints/Communication Step-by-Step Guide

The Touchpoints tab allows the student to review and keep track of communications or processes that require action from them.

You may access Touchpoints by logging into your Financial Aid Portal and select the option from the menu bar on the left.

After clicking the Touchpoint option, a dropdown with two links is displayed:

  • Current
    • Clicking the current link displays scheduled or outstanding touchpoints currently on your account
    • The screen is set up in a grid
      • First column displays the Touchpoint Type
      • Second column is the date and time the touchpoint is/was scheduled to be completed
      • Long Description gives more detail about the touchpoint
      • Comments are any comments added specifically to this touchpoint by the financial aid department
    • Touchpoints are displayed by year.  Any touchpoints not assigned to a year show in the General Touchpoints section
    • As touchpoints are completed they move to the Archived group
  • Archived
    • Clicking this link opens the Archived touchpoint screen
    • The same grid as the Current Touchpoints is displayed including Type, Date and Time, Long Description, and Comments

Step-by-Step Guide:

The Parent Portal tab allows students to authorize their parents or guardians access to their Financial Aid Portal.  The process provides the parent or guardian with their own user name and log in. 

How to Give a Parent or Guardian Access to the Financial Aid Portal

  • Click the Parent Portal Setup in the Financial Aid Portal
  • Enter Account Credentials
    • Enter the parent name in the first text box
    • Enter the parent’s email address in the next text box
      • Email addresses added for the portal must be unique, the same email address cannot be used a second time
    • Assigned Page Permissions
      • Using the radio buttons give the appropriate permissions to the parent for each of the tabs on the right
        • View Only – Parent can only view the information on the screen
        • View and Edit – Allows the parent to view the information and make edits where available
          • Awards cannot be edited by a parent even if they have this permission
        • No Access – Parent is unable to view or edit information in this field
      • First tab is My FA
        • Setting permissions here affects how a parent can access the following information:
          • GPA
          • Awards
          • Document Alert
          • Upcoming touchpoints (message center)
          • Cost of Attendance (COA)
          • Total Offer
          • Total Accepted Aid
        • Second tab Documents
          • Setting permissions here affects how a parent can access uploaded documents in the Forms and Files section of the student self-service portal
        • Third tab Touchpoints
          • Setting permissions here affects how a parent can access Current and Archived touchpoints
        • Fourth Tab College Financing Plan
          • Setting permissions here affects how a parent can access the College Financing Plan screen
        • Once all of the pages have been assigned access click the Create Account button
          • This creates the account for the parent and sends an email to the listed email address allowing the parent to set up login information
          • Clicking the Reset Account button removes all changes for that parent without saving
        • Current Accounts
          • Displays all parents that currently have access including their Name, Email address, and the level of permissions
          • You may have five accounts listed in this screen
          • To edit the account click the pencil icon
            • Once clicked the tabs at the top display the permissions the parent currently has, make changes as needed and click Update Account
              • Clicking Reset Account removes all the changes and nothing is saved
            • To delete an account click the trash can icon
              • Once clicked a popup displays to verify this is the correct action
                • Click OK to delete the account
                • Click Cancel to return to the Parent Portal Setup screen without saving