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Frequently Asked Questions

About the MHPC MLT Program:

Most of the Medical Laboratory Technician coursework includes lecture and student laboratory or clinical components. For MLT 210 Immunology, MLT 220 Clinical Chemistry, MLT 230 Urinalysis and Body Fluids, MLT 250 Hematology, MLT 260 Phlebotomy, MLT 270 Immunohematology, and MLT 280 Clinical Microbiology, students will attend lectures each week and be scheduled for student laboratory or clinical experience in hospital or private laboratories. Students will spend the last semester of the program in clinical blocks.


I want to apply to the program. How do I get an admission packet?

Admissions packets are available HERE. They are also available by contacting the Mexico Medical Laboratory Technician Program office at 1-573-582-0817, ext. 13619.


What tests are required for admission into the program?

TEAS test with score at least 50th


How many students do you accept?

Roughly 30 students a year


What is the required GPA for admission?



Do I have to have pre-requisite courses from a specific college in order to be eligible to apply?

General education classes may be completed at colleges other than the MHPC partner community colleges. Transfer credit is determined by each MHPC partner community college and students should not presume that all general education courses taken at another college will transfer as the equivalent to MHPC partner college coursework.


When is the application deadline?

May 15


How do the required laboratory sessions work?

All MLT students will be required to travel to the MACC Mexico Campus at designated times during the fall and spring semesters to participate in “centralized lab” sessions that bring the students from all campuses together for group lab activities and testing. Any required lodging will be at the student’s expense.


Are my classes virtual?

The classroom lecture component is taught by MACC and Three Rivers College faculty and is broadcast to the MLT students located at the East Central College, MACC, North Central Missouri College, Three Rivers College, and State Fair Community College campuses using interactive television (ITV) or online learning management system technology.


What type of technology requirements must I have for virtual classes?

Students are NOT required to have a personally owned computer or home-based high-speed internet access as these materials and services are made readily available at all “home” campuses. However, it is strongly recommended that students have their own computer for use throughout the program.


If I already have a bachelor’s degree, what are my options after completing the MLT Program?

Students may sit for their Medical Laboratory Science certification examination (the 4 year version of the laboratory degree) if they already have a bachelor’s degree, after at least two years working in the laboratory field after obtaining MLT certification.

According to the ASCP Board of Certification, to sit for the MLS exam a student must:

  • Obtain MLT(ASCP) certification and have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university, including 16 semester hours of biological science (one semester of microbiology), 16 semester hours of chemistry, and have two years full time acceptable clinical laboratory experience in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, and urinalysis/body fluids in the U.S., Canada or an accredited laboratory within the last four years.


Is Financial Aid available?

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. It is the student's responsibility to apply at the their college’s Financial Aid Office. Students should not wait until the last minute to apply for financial aid.

A number of scholarships exist for the MLT program. The MLT Program Coordinator will supply information.


How long is the MLT program?

The MLT program can be completed within two (2) years if starting with no pre-requisite classwork completed. Students take the general education coursework the first year. MLT coursework begins in the fall semester. The MLT portion of the program lasts three (semesters) and is intensive. Students will not be able to work a day job Monday through Friday.


How much time outside of class is required to be successful?

Because a great deal of material is covered in a short period of time, students must be focused and dedicated. To be successful, students should study two (2) hours for every one-hour of class. We urge students to take advantage of this short, intense program of study. A host of useful skills will be learned.


How do clinical placements work?

The MLT Program Coordinator will make every attempt to match a student with a clinical site that is conveniently located near their home or one that the student prefers. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their clinical sites.


If accepted, what are the additional requirements are needed before the student begins the program?

Before beginning the MLT coursework, students must submit their immunization records and documentation of having had a physical. In addition, there are multiple background checks and a drug screen that must be performed and results submitted to the program office.

The MLT program requires the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis B vaccine series
  • MMR series
  • Varicella titer or immunization
  • DTap or TDap vaccine within the last 10 years
  • Proper TB testing      
    • 2-step TB test OR
    • Documentation of having had two TB tests in two years OR
    • T Spot test AND
    • A chest x-ray if a positive reaction has been documented
  • Influenza vaccine