eBooks & eResources

MACC provides access to electronic resources through our Inclusive Access Program, as Open Education Resources (OER), or with an access code that can be purchased in MACC’s Bookstore.  Please be aware, some courses still require print books and optional print resources are limited.

Before Classes Start

Enter your schedule in MACC’s Interactive Booklist and read the “book notes” section for each course.  You can also ask the academic advisor during your enrollment appointment, check with MACC’s Bookstore staff, and look in your instructors’ syllabi to find what books/resources are required.

In MACC’s Interactive Booklist, the “Required” book listing will say the required materials are part of the “Inclusive Access Program” under the book notes/summary section.  You will also see a course-specific course resource fee (e.g. MTH140 Course Fee) on your bill for each course that has resources provided through the Inclusive Access program.  

In MACC’s Interactive Booklist, the “Required” book listing will say “Access Code” instead of Print.  This may also be noted in the title of the book (e.g. …w/Access Code) or book notes/summary section.  Students are encouraged to purchase access codes through MACC’s Bookstore to ensure the correct code has been purchased and to receive full technical support through MACC’s Instructional Technology department.  MACC cannot guarantee or support Access Codes purchased directly from the publisher or other third-party.

In MACC’s Interactive Booklist, the course listing will state something like “This course does not require any print texts. Other course material may be required. Please see your instructor.”

In MACC’s Interactive Booklist, the “Required” book listing will say “Print” with a price below and there will be an ISBN number listed for the book.  There may or may not be any book notes.

How do I access and learn how to use eBooks and eResources?

During the first week of the course, log into Canvas on a desktop or laptop computer and go to the Modules section of the course.  When eBooks/eResources are required, directions will be provided by the instructor to explain how to set up an account, how to access, and how to use the book/resource.  Look for an item called “Student Access Instructions”, “Student eBook Instructions”, or something similar.  Read all directions carefully!

More FAQ’s

No.  eBooks & eResources are available in Canvas starting on the first day of the course. 

When available, offline access to eBooks is provided through the VitalSource Bookshelf App or another publisher-specific eBook App.  Before you can use the app, use a laptop or desktop computer to set up your account and access the eBook per the directions provided in the course in Canvas.  Then, you should be able to set up the eBook app to your device and download the eBook for offline access.

In Canvas, look in your course(s) for information and links to help you address the most common issues related to the eBooks and eResources used in that course. 

Check Technology Status for system-wide status and outages.  


Need Help?

Start by contacting your instructor!  They know the resources in their courses the best.  Thencontact MACC’s Instructional Technology Department for technical assistance and further troubleshooting.  We can also assist you with contacting publisher-specific support when needed.

Please DO NOT contact Canvas Support with eBook and eResources questions.  Canvas cannot help with these publisher specific resources because they are considered third-party “external” resources.  Canvas will refer you back to your instructor, Instructional Technology, or to the publisher’s support number.