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►SECURITY - EXT. 11247 OR 651-9011 ● AFTER HOURS - POLICE - 263-0346 ● EMERGENCIES - 911 ◄

There will be no advance warning for an earthquake. An individual’s concern should be for his/her own safety. Damage may include:

  • broken windows, falling ceilings, and light fixtures;
  • overturning of cabinets and racks, shifting of furniture;
  • complete disruption of electric, gas, water, sewage, and fuel; and
  • disruption of communication systems.


When an earthquake initially occurs, people may protect themselves by:

  • getting under desks and counters;
  • getting on the floor next to a couch or chair back;
  • moving to an interior wall;
  • staying away from windows;
  • kneeling alongside the wall, bending head close to knees; and
  • covering side of head with elbows, clasping hands firmly behind neck.


People should evacuate as soon as the first tremor is over and report to the courtyard area. The Security Director at ext. 11247 or 651-2058 should be notified as soon as possible after the earthquake.