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MACC COVID-19 Statistics

This dashboard is intended to keep the community informed of reported active COVID-19 cases on and off of our campuses. Cases reported by location are only for cases that visited a campus while positive or presumed positive. Cases reported virtual/online have not been on a campus. When the college is notified that a person who has tested positive has been on one of our campuses all potential direct contacts (classmates, instructors, and staff) will be personally notified through MACC email or phone calls.


 Student   Employee  
0 0
5 Total Since Aug. 1 0 Total Since Aug. 1
 Student   Employee  
0 0
1 Total Since Aug. 1 0 Total Since Aug. 1
 Student   Employee  
0 0
1 Total Since Aug. 1 0 Total Since Aug. 1
 Student   Employee  
0 0
6 Total Since Aug. 1 1 Total Since Aug. 1
 Student   Employee  
0 0
14 Total Since Aug. 1 22 Total Since Aug. 1
 Student   Employee  
0 0
45 Total Since Aug. 1 2 Total Since Aug. 1


*The cumulative figures stated above are not absolute.



As new information becomes available MACC continues to examine and update procedures related to the response to COVID-19. Recent surveys the college has conducted indicate more than 70% of MACC employees are fully vaccinated or have initiated vaccination against COVID-19 and, early responses from students indicate 51% of students have done the same. Missouri currently reports that approximately 40% of the state’s population has initiated vaccination. In comparison, MACC’s rates look very promising. Additionally, recommendations from the CDC concerning vaccinated individuals and local health departments relaxing local mask mandates have led the college to update COVID-19 procedures.


Beginning June 7th, 2021 MACC will make the following changes to COVID-19 related practices:

  • Face coverings will be recommended, but not required

  • Employees and students who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings

  • 3 feet of distance will be adopted as appropriate spacing in public areas, meeting rooms, and classrooms

  • Classroom capacities will be adjusted to reflect new spacing guidelines

  • Employees may schedule and attend face-to-face meetings

  • Employees may ride together in college vehicles

  • Employees who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine if they have been exposed to COVID-19


MACC strongly encourages employees and students to get vaccinated as soon as possible. However, we will not generally require all employees and students to be vaccinated at this time. However, all students living in MACC residence halls will be required to be fully vaccinated before the start of the Fall 2021 semester.


For questions or assistance, email or call 660-263-4100 and press 3 (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM).


Important Dates:

  May 14   Graduation Ceremonies
  May 17-27   Summer Intersession
  June 7   Summer Classes Begin
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