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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

General Information about Course Descriptions

All courses are not offered each semester. Students will be assisted in making choices of course work by advisors who are assigned according to the student-declared major.

The designation of “FA,” “SP,” and/or “SU” following each course description indicates whether the course is offered during the fall, spring, and/or summer terms. “IN” indicates the course is offered infrequently. MACC will make reasonable effort to offer courses as listed. At the College’s discretion, however, the schedule may be changed.

The interpretation of course numbers used at Moberly Area Community College is as follows:

  • Three letters which indicate a specific teaching area of instruction
are followed by three digits indicating the level of the course.
  • Numbers 000 to 099 are developmental and are not considered

college level; numbers 100 to 199 are considered freshman-level
courses; and numbers 200 to 299 are considered sophomore-level

Any course may be taken at either the freshman or sophomore level except those in sequenced programs (i.e., nursing program) or those requiring prerequisites.

One asterisk (*) appearing next to a course title indicates the course meets the Humanities requirement.

Two asterisks (**) appearing next to a course title indicate the course meets the Missouri Constitutional requirement.

A appearing next to a course title indicates the course meets the Literature requirement.