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CC-MACC is a co-enrollment program between Moberly Area Community College (MACC) and Columbia College. CC-MACC students experience the depth and breadth of a four-year university while enjoying the affordability and academic flexibility found at a two-year institution. This collaborative program includes academic advisers, faculty and staff at MACC and Columbia College who work together to help students succeed. The program provides enhanced academic advising to ease the transfer of credits and increases campus involvement to foster student success.

Contact MACC

Michele McCall
Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
660-263-4100 x11215

Aleesha Coke
Director of Student Affairs & Site Operations – MACC Columbia
660-263-4100 x12215

Contact Columbia College

Admissions Office

Co-enrollment – CC-MACC students enroll in coursework at MACC and Columbia College. CC-MACC students take MACC courses (9 to 12 hours) and Columbia College courses (3 to 6 hours) to ensure efficient use of time and financial resources.

A+ Scholarship – Qualifying CC-MACC students may use A+ funds toward MACC’s tuition and fees if enrolled in 12 or more credit hours between MACC and Columbia College

Campus resources – CC-MACC students have access to all MACC and Columbia College services, including the library, recreation center, student health services, technology labs, student organizations and athletic events.

Enhanced academic preparation through advising on both campuses – Integrating coursework between the two campuses allows a student to establish a CC GPA, which eases the transition into Columbia College degree programs.

Apply to Columbia College as an on-campus, non-degree-seeking student to the traditional Day program in Columbia, MO.

When starting a new application, select the following:

Academic level: Select undergraduate (Associate/Bachelor’s)
Student type: Select “Non-Degree”. You will be asked if you are a part of the CC-MACC program. Select “Yes”.
Educational setting: Select “Traditional Day Campus”
Term: Select the term you intend to begin courses at Columbia College

Apply through standard procedures as a degree-seeking student at MACC if not already attending MACC. Enrollment in this program is open to students attending any MACC campus.

Students receive bills from both Columbia College and MACC. Students must make payments at both institutions, and the accounts are managed separately. Students will be charged $158 per credit hour for the Columbia College courses mid semester after aid has been disbursed by MACC. Both schools charge tuition and fees based on a per-credit-hour basis, so overall costs may vary.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is disbursed by MACC’s Financial Aid Office. A+ funding is available during the fall and spring semesters to eligible students enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester between both institutions. Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours at MACC to use A+ funding during the summer. A+ funding cannot be applied to Columbia College tuition and fees. MACC also has a number of scholarships for which CC-MACC students may apply if they meet eligibility guidelines. Net price calculators are available on both the Columbia College and MACC websites.

Columbia College financial aid and scholarships are not available to CC-MACC students. Those who have been admitted to Columbia College as full time, degree-seeking students are not eligible to receive scholarships or financial aid through Columbia College as CC-MACC students.

CC-MACC students are encouraged to live on the Columbia College campus, but are not required to do so. Those who choose to live on campus must apply for Residential Life housing & meal plan options through their CougarTrack housing portal after admission to Columbia College. Find more information about Residential Life options at Columbia College.

Residential housing and campus dining at MACC is available only at MACC’s Moberly campus.


Academic advising for Columbia College courses is provided by advisers from Columbia College’s Student Success Center who work with academic department advisers on behalf of the student. Advising for MACC courses is provided by MACC. The transfer of academic information will be coordinated by academic advisers on both campuses.

Students can schedule their Columbia College advising appointments through their enrollment counselor in the Recruiting and Admissions Department.

While transcripts are not required for admission to the CC-MACC program, we strongly encourage all students to submit unofficial transcripts and test scores to  prior to registering for Columbia College coursework.

CC-MACC students will have access to all extracurricular activities at Columbia College, including the library, recreation center, student health services, technology labs and more than 50 student organizations.

Events: The MACC student ID allows all current MACC students to attend CC events – including sporting events – and receive the same discounts for paid events.

Please note: Students are not able be a Columbia College student athlete and part of the CC-MACC program per NAIA eligibility requirements.

All CC-MACC students will need to meet the immunization requirements established by Columbia College.

Columbia College @ MACC-Moberly

By utilizing its national network and robust online program, Columbia College-Moberly offers convenient courses to civilians and military learners.