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Bomb Threat

►SECURITY - EXT. 11247 OR 651-9011 ● AFTER HOURS - POLICE - 263-0346 ● EMERGENCIES - 911 ◄

All bomb threats should be taken seriously regardless of their frequency or subsequent outcome. Threats of this nature will most likely be made by telephone, and an effort should be made on the part of the receiver to remain as calm and professional as possible. The following procedures will be followed if a bomb threat is received.

  • Always take the call seriously and act professionally.
  • Attempt to get someone else’s attention without alerting the caller. Try to advise him/her of the situation so he/she has information to relay to the police (9-911) and the Security Director (x11247).
  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible with non-threatening communications, which indicates you want to be a good listener.
  • Refer to the "Bomb Threat - Call Check List" and attempt to get all the information you can based on the prepared questions.


After a Threat Has Been Received

  • Do not disconnect the line, either by hanging up or putting the line on hold. Quickly take measures to ensure no one else disturbs the phone.
  • Go to a different phone and call the police (911) and the Security Director (x11247) if they have not yet been contacted.
  • Contact the President's Office and Plant Operations if you have not reached the Security Director. Otherwise, the Security Director will contact the President's Office and Plant Operations.


The President's Office or the Security Director will contact the department deans and the building coordinators. College officials will work with the police and fire departments to determine if buildings should be evacuated. If evacuation is ordered, deans and coordinators will be verbally instructed to begin evacuation.


Evacuation Procedures

  • Walk quickly to the nearest exit and alert others along the way to do the same.
  • Assist the handicapped. Reserve elevators for the handicapped, unless there is a fire. Elevators should not be used when there is a fire involved.
  • While evacuating, look for suspicious objects. Report anything suspicious to the first official you see, who will in turn contact security, police or fire departments. Do not touch anything suspicious.
  • Go directly outside and assemble in the Reed Street Parking Lot. Remain in this area until college officials indicate it is approved to leave or safe to return to campus.


Refer to the "Bomb Threat Checklist".