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Associate of Science - Engineering Elective Options

General Education Elective Options for AS Degree

Please refer to the Elective Course Transfer Guide for details regarding best options for specific degree programs at either MU or Missouri S&T.

MACC Course MU Equivalent S&T Equivalent
Humanities/Fine Art
 ART 101 Art Survey & Appreciation I  AR_H_A 1110 Ancient & Medieval Art  ART 1180 Art Appreciation
 ART 102 Art Survey & Appreciation II   AR_H_A 1120 Rnaissnce Thru Mdrn A
 DRM 120 Theatre Appreciation  THEATR HUM Humanities Tran Cred  THEATRE 1190 Theatre via Video
 LAL 120 Am Lit Survey to 1870  ENGLSH 2300 Studies in American Lit   ENGLISH 1221 Amer Lit: 1600 to 1865
 LAL 121 Am Lit Survey 1870- Present  ENGLISH 1222 Amer Lit: 1865 to Pres
 LAL 125 African-American Literature  ENGLSH 2400 Intro Africn Dspora Lit  General Literature Elective
 LAL 150 English Lit. Survey to 1750  ENGLSH 2200 Studies in British Lit   ENGLISH 1211 Brit Lit I: Begin/1800
 LAL 151 English Lit. 1750-Present  ENGLISH 1212 Brit Lit II: 1800/Pres
 LAL 251 Science Fiction  ENGLSH LIT Literature Transfer Credit  ∗HUMU 2510 Humanities- Uppr Level
 LAL 275 Classical Mythology  CL_HUM 1060 Classical Mythology  General Literature Elective
 MUS 102 Music Appreciation  MUSIC_NM 1310 Mastrpc Westn Mus  MUSIC 1150 Mus Undrstndng & Appr
 MUS 105 Music of America  MUSIC_NM HUM Humanities Tran Cred  General Humanities Elective
 MUS 205 World Music  MUSIC_NM 1313 Intro to World Mus  General Humanities Elective
 PHI 150 Intro to Philosophy  PHIL 1000 Gen Intro to Philosophy  PHILOS 1105 Introd to Philosophy
 PHI 151 Intro to Logic  PHIL 1200 Logic & Reasoning  PHILOS 1115 Introduction to Logic
 PHI 152 Intro to Ethics  PHIL 1100 Introduction to Ethics  General Humanities Elective
 PHI 153 Bioethics  PHIL 1150 Introductory Bioethics  General Humanities Elective
 PHI 251 Religions of World  ∗REL_ST 2100 Religions of the World  PHILOS 1175 Comparative Relig Phil
 Social/Behavioral Sciences
 ECN 101 Macroeconomics  ECONOM 1015 Prncpl of Macroeconomics  ECON 1200 Prin of Macroeconomics
 ECN 102 Microeconomics  ECONOM 1014 Prncpl of Microeconomics  ECON 1100 Prin of Microeconomics
 GEO 101 World Geography I  GEOG 1200 Regns & Nations Wrld 2  HIST 2100 World Regional Geography
 HST 101 Western Civ I  HIST 1500 Foundtns of Western Civ  HISTORY 1100 Early Western Civ
 HST 105 American History to 1865  HIST 1100 Survey Am Hist to 1865  HISTORY 1300 American Hist to 1877
 HST106 American History from 1865  HIST 1200 Survey Am History Snc 1865  HISTORY 1310 Amer History Since 1877
 PSC 105 Func & Polic of Am Govt  POL_SC SCC_ST Pol Sci State Law Req  POL SCI 1200 American Government
 PSY 101 Gen Psychology  PSYCH 1000 General Psychology  PSYCH 1101 General Psychology
 SOC 101 Sociology  SOCIOL 1000 Intro to Sociology  General Social Science Elective
 SPK 101 Public Speaking  COMMUN 1200 Public Speaking  SPMS 1185 Principles of Speech


Engineering Elective Options for AS Degree

Please refer to the Elective Course Transfer Guide for requirements specific to individual transfer degree programs.

MACC Course MU Equivalent S&T Equivalent
 AMD 112 Comp Aided Design  ENGINR 11000 Engr Graphics Fundmn  GNCR 1XXX General Credit
 BIO 155 General Biology for Majors I  BIO_SC 1500A Intro BIOL Systems w/Lab  BIO SCI 1213/1219 Prin of Biology w/Lab
 BIO 160 General Biology for Majors II  BIO_SC 1500B Intro BIOL Systems w/Lab  BIO SCI 1223/1220 Biodiversity w/Lab
 BIO220 General Genetics  BIO_SC 2200 General Genetics  GNCR 1XXX General Credit
 ITC 120 Programming I  INFOTC 1040A Intro Prob Solve& Prog  CS 1971,1981 Intro to Prgm Method & Lab
 ITC 220 Programming II  INFOTC 1040A Intro Prob Solve& Prog  CS 1570,1580 Intro to Prgm & Lab
 EGN 201 Statics  ENGINR 1200 Stats & Elem Strn Matr  CIV ENG 2200 Statics
 IND 105 Fluid Power Principles  MISC_ELEC (Miscellaneous Elective)  GNCR 1XXX General Credit
 MTH 250 Differential Equations  MATH 4100 Differential Equations  MATH 3329 Elem Diff Eqn & Matrix Algebra
 PHY 122 General Chemistry II  CHEM 1330 College Chemistry 2  CHEM 1320, 1510 Gen Chem II & Qual Anl
 PHY 163 Geology  GEOL 1100 Princp of Geol W/Lab  GEOLOGY 1111 Intro to Physical Geology