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Architectural Studies

Course Descriptions

ARC 120 Architectural Drafting and Working Drawings 3-0-3
This course focuses on beginning drafting, including equipment and materials; lettering; floor plans, sections, elevations; orthographic and axonometric drawings; working drawings; and details.

ARC 160 Fundamentals of Environmental Design 3-0-3
This class is a survey of the architectural environment emphasizing design fundamentals such as use, aesthetics, stability of structures and human relationships with places and time. Prerequisite: LAL102. (SP)

ARC 210 Understanding Architecture and the American City 3-0-3
This class is an analysis of the American city and its architecture. (FA)

ARC 231 Building Systems 3-0-3
This class covers integrated building systems: structure, construction, technology, comfort; including voicedata communications, safety, floor, wall, ceiling, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; and project estimating. Prerequisite: ARC120 or MTH140. (FA)