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Application Tips

Do's for Applications

• read the application first
• use a black pen (consider using erasable ink)
• print neatly and completely
• have a phone number
• have permission from three references
• use "Open" for salary desired
• know position wanted
• list ALL skills and abilities
• sign your name
• SELL yourself


Tips for Properly Filling Out Your Job Application

1. Print, don't write. Printing is much easier for the manager to read. Use your best penmanship.

2. Use a pen, not a pencil. Pencil is too easy to smear, smudge or erase.

3. Be neat. A neat and clean looking application says that you take pride in your work.

4. Answer every question. If a question does not apply to you, write "N/A" (not applicable) in the space so the manager will know that you didn't forget to answer that question.

5. Do not give an expected salary. You might price yourself out of the job if it is too high, or look desperate if it is too low. Instead, write "Open".

6. Be honest. Any misrepresentation or omission is sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal.

7. Be accurate. Make sure all telephone numbers, dates, addresses, and names are correct and properly spelled. An inaccurate application suggests that you are an inaccurate worker.

8. Make sure your reason for leaving each of your previous jobs is a good one. Managers hate quitters.

9. Make sure you have permission to use a person's name before you give him or her as a reference.

10. Don't forget to sign and date the application after you read the final agreement.