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Early Childhood

Admission Requirements

After completing your Application to MACC, there are additional requirements to major in Early Childhood Education or take classes from the Early Childhood Education Program (those prefixed ECE).

As a professional in Early Care and Education, you must have on file a current medical exam with a TB risk assessment form or negative TB test results, and you must be registered in the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR). We require these same documents to enroll in our classes. As a result, you will be ready to enter facilities for field experiences and can be assured of meeting these employment requirements when you graduate.

If you currently work in an Early Care and Education program; e.g., Licensed Family Child Care, Group Home or Center, or Head Start, you may submit copies of the documents from your employer. If you do not currently work in a program, follow the instructions below to complete the necessary documentation.

Because Composition I and Math are pre-requisites for some of our classes, it is also important to make sure you take the COMPASS placement test as soon as possible or make sure your ACT scores have been submitted if you took the ACT test in high school.

After completing these requirements, contact the Early Childhood Coordinator at 660-263-4100, extension 11284 for an advising appointment.

Medical Examination Report for Child Care Providers/Staff & Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment form

Students who are not currently working in a licensed childcare setting must have the "Medical Exam Report for Child Care Providers/Staff" form and a TB Risk Assessment form completed by a physician, registered nurse or county health office.

In some cases where the student has had a recent medical exam form completed for another purpose, it may be accepted. A different form can only be used if it contains the same information:

  • Good physical and emotional health,
  • Free of impairment due to medication,
  • Free of a current drug or alcohol dependency,
  • Explanation of physical or mental conditions that might impact the care of children,
  • Explanation of any physical restrictions (e.g. cannot lift over 20 pounds, cannot stand for extended periods).

The form must be signed and dated by a physician or registered nurse.

Medical Exam Report Form

Tuberculosis (TB) Assessment Risk Form

Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR)

Missouri has implemented a statewide Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) for childcare and elder care workers. Once you have applied to be listed in the registry, you do not have to apply again. When an employer (or in our case "employer-by-proxy") needs to check your Child Abuse and Neglect or Criminal Record, that employer submits an "Inquiry" and your registration is automatically updated.

Please complete the FCSR application and attach a photocopy of your Social Security Card and a check or money order for $13.00 made payable to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS).

Submit the completed FCSR application form, Social Security Card copy, and $11 check payable to MDHSS to the MACC Early Childhood Office, Moberly Area Community College, 101 College Avenue, Moberly, Missouri 65270. Do not submit the form directly to the Missouri Department of Health. If you do, the process will be significantly delayed and MACC will not receive a copy of the results, delaying your enrollment.

If you believe you are currently listed in the FCSR, submit your full name, social security number and date of birth to the MACC Early Childhood Office so that an inquiry can be completed.

FCSR application form