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Dr Komar

Moberly Area Community College
President Emeritus,
Dr. Andrew Komar, Jr.

President Emeritus

Dr. Andrew Komar, Jr. is President Emeritus of Moberly Area Community College. Dr. Komar gave over 25 years of dedicated service to MACC, twenty of those as president. Under his leadership, the College evolved from a struggling junior college with just a few hundred students to a true community college with modern facilities and new buildings to meet the needs of the continuously growing student population.

Many changes occurred during Dr. Komar’s tenure. With the growth of new students, the need for many new programs and services as well as additional facilities was fulfilled. The Fine Arts Wing was constructed as an addition to the Main Building. The Career Center was expanded making space for more classrooms and offices. Construction of a women’s dormitory, bookstore, and maintenance building was also completed. Dr. Komar also ushered in the Information Age at the College by introducing computers into classrooms and offices, and envisioning the creation of a multimedia center that would enhance instruction through interactive learning experiences and offer the capacity for distance learning. Near the end of his presidency, the design and construction was approved by the Board of Trustees for the Activity Center. This facility has proven to be an important venue for Greyhound basketball games and other events in northeast Missouri. With the addition of these facilities, the physical attributes of the campus as well as the quality of instruction were greatly enhanced.

One of the buildings completed on the MACC campus during Dr. Komar’s presidency was College Hall. It houses Student Services, the President’s Office, and math and science classrooms and labs. When Dr. Komar retired in 1996, he was named President Emeritus by the Board and College Hall was renamed Andrew Komar, Jr. Hall.

Another highlight of his career at MACC was the accreditation of the College in 1980 by the North Central Association, the regional accrediting agency. Throughout his career and even after his retirement, Dr. Komar has worked on behalf of all community colleges in Missouri. He was responsible for originating the legislation that established the community college taxing district, an effort that resulted in a permanent funding source for community colleges. He has also worked with legislators on other projects to improve funding for the community college system. Dr. Komar has received many honors and awards during his tenure and in 2006 was given the Mel Carnahan Award by the Missouri Community College Association in recognition of his work in support of community colleges both at the local and state levels. Dr. Komar’s legacy will be remembered for his vision of what Moberly Area Community College could become and his promotion of that vision into reality.