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 Past Stories


2016 - 3rd Quarter

Name:Office Staff of MACC-ATC
Location: Mexico
Walking into the offices of MACC-ATC in Mexico is always a welcoming environment! Everyone greets you with a smile and are more than eager to assist you in whatever your needs are. No problem seems to be too big or too small for them to say "No problem, let me see how I can help!"

Name:Caroline Groves
Location: Mexico
Caroline works with the new incoming students with a smile and positive attitude that brings comfort to students who are new to the college experience. Her positive attitude makes everyone who enters the Mexico location feel comfortable, welcome and respected!

Name:Brad Brockmeier
Location: Moberly
Mr. Brockmeier was one of the best professors I have had! He makes class interesting and is very good at what he does. He is extremely knowledgable and is always there to help! He has taught me more than my other professors combined! I would recommend his classes to everyone!

2016 - 2nd Quarter

Name: Rebecca Allen
Mexico and Columbia Campus
Mrs. Allen has not only taught me so much with the short time her Human Lifespan class is allotted, she has also been an outlet for me to talk to throughout the semester. She has helped me through so much this semester, sometimes without even knowing it. She is one of the most approachable people I have ever met, and it has been a pleasure to be in her classroom this semester.

Name: Guzel Tuhbatullina
Location: Moberly
On April 12th, a group of international students went to the State Capital to visit with Rep. Tim Remole. During the trip, another international student asked about scholarships available to international students. Before an advisor could answer, Guzel and Merjen stepped up and explained all the scholarships and how to apply for them. It was simply awesome watching students teach other students about scholarships.

Name:Merjen Nurberdiyeva
Location: Moberly
On April 12th, a group of international students went to the State Capital to visit with Rep. Tim Remole. During the trip, another international student asked about scholarships available to international students. Before an advisor could answer, Guzel and Merjen stepped up and explained all the scholarships and how to apply for them. It was simply awesome watching students teach other students about scholarships.

Name: Shannon Crist
Location: Moberly
Shannon is always upbeat and bleeds MACC red. She travels throughout our entire service region and champions MACC and its programs and represents the College very well. She is a real asset to MACC.

Name: Michael Johnson
Location: Moberly
You won't find a more approachable person. Michael is one of the happiest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Michael is respected by all the students with whom he advises. I am extremely lucky to work along side him every day!

Name:Tammy Richardson
Location: Moberly
Tammy Richardson is such a fantastic person to have at MACC. She always has such a positive attitude and is so willing to help anyone who needs it. Our office has been short staffed this week, and Tammy has offered to help in any way that she can. Anytime I need something, she never hesitates to go above and beyond her already busy schedule to help me. I'm thankful to work with her!

2016 - 1st Quarter

Name: Brad Brockmeier
Location: Moberly
Brad is an outstanding teacher and is focused on student success. He quietly goes about his business on the Moberly site as he works to make sure students are well-prepared for their next step.

Name: Laura Mertens
Location: Columbia
From a personal standpoint, Laura has been a phenomenal person to learn from. I started as her co-director a couple of months ago, and she has proven herself to be a welcoming, positive influence and an outstanding leader. Her optimism and willingness to tackle any issue is contagious to all around her, which is illustrated by the respect she has earned from the Columbia staff and faculty.

Name: Denna Martin
Location: Moberly
MACC Moberly is very lucky to have this amazing person on their campus helping our fantastic students. Denna Martin pours her heart and soul into her work here at MACC. She is a ball of energy and has an attitude that is contagious! SHE IS THAT PERSON!! From an avid Greyhound supporter to a serious detective in the land of Student Services, you won't find a more dedicated employee! I am so proud and lucky to work with her! Go DENNA!!!!

Name: David Caples
Location: Kirksville Campus
In addition to teaching a full load of classes (more than a full load many semesters), David Caples spends numerous hours helping the adjunct Math Instructors at the Kirksville campus navigate their way through MyMathLab and Canvas issues. He also willingly helps students from other classes with any of these issues and/or mathematics comprehension questions. He is a huge asset for all of us at the Kirksville campus.

Name: Amy Evans & her staff
Location: Columbia
Amy, and all the ladies who work in the ADA office, are such a pleasure to work with. They truly go above and beyond to serve our students and you can tell they have a real passion for the work they do each and every day. I enjoy hearing about their ideas and initiatives regarding the retention of our students and look forward to working with them in bringing these innovative ideas to fruition.

Name: Fergus Moore
Location: Moberly/Columbia
Fergus is phenomenal with students and pushes them to be creative and explore their artistic talents. He is also an amazing artist himself!

 2015 - 4th Quarter

Name: Angela Walker
Location: Moberly
Over the past year, Angela has put in countless hours to assist a student with a visual impairment to ensure that he is able to view his homework in MyMathLab. The student has successfully completed two math classes and will enroll in College Algebra this fall.

Name: Darrin Reddick & John Micke
Location: Moberly
Darrin & John literally went to great heights to install our Art on the Block banners between the columns on the front of the main building in Moberly. Thanks for helping our design come to life!

Name: Judy Gibbs, Tammy Richardson, Meghan Holleran and Eric Ross
Location: Moberly
Everyone has that person that made a difference in their life. For me, I made the decision to come to college after being out of the school life for years. After a semester I was enrolled in Ms. Judy Gibbs' class where she urged me to leave the only career I had ever known (waitress) and take on the work study position for Academic Affairs and the VP of Instruction. It was hard to leave something I truly enjoyed, but I did it. After being in those offices for awhile, the position of Administrative Assistant in Plant Operations was posted and both Tammy and Meghan encouraged me to apply. I probably would not have done so without their encouragement: it was only January and I still had the entire semester to finish before I graduated. I applied for the position and Mr. Ross hired me. Without their encouragement, and giving me a chance, I wouldn't be in a career and position that I enjoy. Thank You!

Name: Amy Johns and her staff
Location: All campuses
Amy and her Instructional Technology staff have stepped up these last few weeks to help faculty and students transition to the College's new learning management system. They have worked long hours to ensure that everyone has the help they need to start the semester. And they are always friendly!!!

Name: All Advisors!
Location: All campuses
The advisors have been working their tails off to help students to enroll for the Fall 2015 semester. They are doing all they can to help students and to help the College's enrollment!

Name: Jazmin Schrader, Artie Fowler, Wendy Johnson, Charlotte Maddox, Kim Erwin, Michael Johnson and Mark Chambers
All campuses
Most high schools schedule college fairs during the months of September and October...mornings, afternoons and even evenings. MACC plans to attend all of them, but we do not use full time recruiters. It is a nightmarish schedule, but on September 21, 23 and 24 we had 9 major fairs to cover spread all over (and outside) our 16 county service area, with one of them involving over 2,000 students. We would not have been able to cover all of these without the volunteer efforts of Jazmin Schrader (Columbia), Artie Fowler (Kirksville), Wendy Johnson & Charlotte Maddox (Hannibal), and Kim Erwin, Michael Johnson and Mark Chambers (Moberly). Some of these folks are also helping Shannon Crist cover a record number of dual credit enrollment visits, in addition to performing their regular jobs. These people (along with many others) are truly being "That Person" as well as being "That Other Person" for our students. We are so very fortunate to have them all at MACC!

Name: Deanna Blickhan
Location: Career Center, Moberly
Deanna has gone above and beyond for a student who is waiting for his G.I. Bill funding to come through. She has helped the student find textbooks to use and helped him arrange the use of a computer to use so he can finish his work. She has definitely gone the extra mile for this student.

Name: Duwayne Newman
Location: Columbia
Duwayne is always there to help if you have a custodial issue that arises. He is pleasant and friendly to talk to as well as a very hard worker. I am confident that I can rely on Duwayne to get the job done successfully with a positive attitude. Thank you, Duwayne!

Name: David Pence
Location: Moberly
David Pence has recently worked to find solutions for a student who was struggling with several issues and was ready to drop his classes. David went above and beyond to help the student. As a result, the student is staying in school.

Name: Julie Perkins
Location: Moberly
Like so many young people today, I let life get in the way of my education. Due to a career move I was introduced to Julie Perkins. I confided in her one day that I had not completed college and didn't know how I could since I was now a very busy wife and mother. Julie spent numerous hours encouraging me to complete the application for MACC and then advised me on the classes I should enroll in. She graciously accepted millions of phone calls and texts answering my endless questions. Julie also completed add/drop forms on more than one occasion without one complaint. I appreciate her more and more as I slowly approach my goal. My family sees me struggle with juggling my time with work, home, family, and homework, but they also see how much I value education. Julie's inspiration has not only influenced my life, but that of my family's as well. Thank you Julie!

Name: Megan Brock
Location: Moberly
I don't know Megan Brock well, but I have observed her as being a hardworking workstudy and always a very courteous student. Megan has illustrated and published her first book for young readers. She is having a book signing at the Little Dixie Library, October 31 and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book will go to a children's literacy program. Way to go Megan and congratulations! It makes me happy to see a young person sharing the love of reading and learning in a very personal way.

Name: David Pence
Mr. David Pence goes above and beyond for his students. His knowledge of the coursework is outstanding and his ability to challenge the students helps increase confidence. He works tirelessly and is available to help at all hours of the night and, sometimes, even on weekends. He has gone out of his way to help individual students retain the material, access job opportunities, and helped find a way to pay for course materials. As the winner of the Fall 2015 ΦΘK-AT Glaux award, he has proved time and again that he deserves the honor.

Name: Wayne Robbins
I would like to recognize Wayne Robbins for being there when the technology strikes! More often though, both Wayne and Marcus keep things rolling smoothly and the "strikes" are few and far between. Wayne even provides his cell phone number during COMPASS times so that I can reach him if needed, and because of this my students can have a smooth test experience. He is always cheerful and prompt. Kudos to you Wayne!

Name: Amy Johns
Location: Moberly
Amy has to work 80 hours a week! That lady is always available and willing to help with a happy attitude. Day, evenings, weekends, you name it, she is there! Thank you, Amy!

Name: Patricia Riely
MACC Career Center
I started working at MACC in 1999 as a part time secretary for Patricia Riely. I didn't have any experience working in an educational setting; I had worked in factories for years before deciding I wanted to finish school and start a new career. She helped me through every struggle I had - financially and personally. She showed me where to apply for scholarships and grants and was a shoulder to cry on when I was afraid I wouldn't make it through. She really helped shape me into the person I am today and I love how much she cares about others. For students who do not have that support system at home, it is so important to have someone here to Be That Person. Thank you, Pat!

Name: Shauna Tuggle
We would like to take this opportunity to recognize an essential person in our department. Shauna goes above and beyond to ensure nursing students in all programs have outstanding experiences during lab and simulation time. Without even asking, she anticipates our needs as instructors, and even manages things we haven't yet considered. She is willing to work individually with students who request her time. Shauna is a great example of "that person" at MACC.

Name: Terry Bichsel
If you were to have to name a person that has dedication to the students and commitment to our school, that person would be Terry Bichsel, Practical Nursing Coordinator at the Moberly campus. Terry has been an educator for over 20 years, and a nurse for well over 30 years. She has high expectations that her students will exemplify professionalism in nursing, while maintaining that caring with a personal touch is a cornerstone to nursing practice. By being "That Person" at MACC, she sets an example for her graduates to "Be That Person" for the people and the communities where they will serve.

Name: Lloyd Marchant
I appreciate the time that Lloyd has taken to teach me different aspects of my job. He patiently answers all of my questions and is an incredible asset to MACC. Thank you Lloyd!

Name: Pat Burke
Location: Moberly campus
I haven't had much interaction with Pat Burke over the years, but I've been so impressed each time that I have. It starts with the way that he answers the phone. He's consistently friendly and upbeat and happily agrees to help with whatever is needed. Today, when he was clearly busy with other things, he paused what he was doing to track down information for me that allowed me to keep momentum going on a project. I've heard other employees make similar comments about Pat's great attitude and work ethic. The little things really do matter and add up. I think Pat quietly does a whole lot of little things for many of us at MACC. Thanks much, Pat.

Name: Valerie Darst
Location: Moberly campus-LARC
Valerie Darst has been "That Person" for me too many times to count. A few years ago, Valerie was my go-to person in reaccreditation efforts. During that time, she designed and maintained what is now called our Resource Library, which is an excellent resource for all employees, but it's particularly helpful to those with reporting responsibilities. Valerie has never turned down a request for help. Really, never. More recently, I've benefited from Valerie volunteering to serve on subcommittees working on projects tied to the new strategic plan and to departmental reviews and surveys. What I appreciate most about Valerie is that she seeks out ways to be helpful to others—students, faculty and staff. MACC is definitely better because of it.

Name: Suzi McGarvey
Location: Moberly
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." (Aristotle)
I would like to recognize someone who practices excellence here at MACC. Suzi McGarvey is always positive, upbeat, approachable, knowledgable, and willing to think outside the box when we come to her with ideas on how to make our programs better. She always seems able to be creative with ways we can provide an outstanding educational experience in a cost-effective manner. Suzi has developed an excellent rapport with other departments on campus to assist with innovative opportunities for those we serve. For these things we are grateful. Suzi McGarvey is an advocate and an asset to faculty and students, alike. She is THAT PERSON.

Name: Timothy Gebhardt
Location: Main Building
The AADN instructors were gathering the decorations from the Art Gallery following the pinning ceremony on Wednesday, December 16. This had been a long day for us and we were in dress clothes. The decorations we needed to load up in our vehicle were heavy (mirrors, candles, and gems). Timothy came to our rescue with a cart which he took down the elevator, out to the parking lot and loaded into the vehicle for us. Without him we would have had to make multiple trips. We wish to thank him for going out of his way to help us!

Name: Sheila Bradley & Angela Walker
Location: Columbia and Moberly
Sheila and Angela have gone above and beyond helping to prepare adjunct math faculty for our upcoming semester using MyMathLab in Canvas. They've worked closely with Instructional Technology to provide resources for faculty, training for our department, and were even present and/or "on call" for our Canvas, Cookies, and Cocoa sessions. Because of their hard work, I know the Math department (and math students!) will have a wonderfully smooth start in the Spring semester. Thank you!

Name: Sandy Anderson
Location: Moberly
Sandy has been at the college for many years. She is someone that works very hard and I think she should be recognized for all of her efforts. She is dedicated to MACC and always willing to help out when needed. Sandy is a behind the scenes kind of person. We want Sandy to know she is appreciated! Thank you Sandy!