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Associate of Applied Science - Humanities Electives

Select One Course from the list below to meet the AAS Degree Requirement.


ART 101 Art Survey and Appreciation I

ART 102 Art Survey and Appreciation II

DRM 120 Theater Appreciation

FLN 101: Elementary Spanish

FLN 102: Intermediate Spanish

FLN 111: Elementary French

FLN 112: Intermediate French

FLN 121: Elementary Arabic

FLN 122: Intermediate Arabic

FLN 201: Spanish Readings

FLN 211: French Readings

HST 220: America On Screen I

HST 221: America On Screen II

HST 230H: Modern British History Honors

LAL 120: American Literature Survey to 1870

LAL121: American Literature Survey from 1870 to Present

LAL125: African-American Literature

LAL125H: African-American Literature Honors

LAL130: Literature of the American South

LAL130H: Literature of the American South Honors

LAL150: English Literature Survey to 1750

LAL151: English Literature Survey from 1750 to Present

LAL151H: English Literature Survey from 1750 to Present Honors

LAL153: Introduction to Contemporary Literature

LAL 210: A Survey of Western Literature I

LAL 211: A Survey of Western Literature II

LAL216: Intermediate Poetry Writing

LAL222: Masterpieces

LAL 250: History and Development of the Short Story

LAL 251: Science Fiction

LAL252: Children's Literature for the Elementary Teacher

LAL 275: Classical Mythology

MUS 102: Music Appreciation

MUS 105: Music of America

MUS 205: World Music

PHI 150: Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 150H: Introduction to Philosophy (Honors)

PHI 151: Introduction to Logic

PHI 152: Introduction to Ethics

PHI153: Bioethics

PHI 155: Introduction to the Bible

PHI 157: War, Peace, and Religion

PHI 251: Religions of the World