AA – Social and Behavioral Electives

Economics (ECN):

ECN101: Macroeconomics
ECN102: Microeconomics

Geography (GEO):

GEO101: World Geography I
GEO102: World Geography II

History (HST):

HST101: Western Civilization I
HST102: Western Civilization II
HST105: American History to 1865
HST105H: American History to 1865 (Honors)
HST106: American History from 1865
HST106H: American History from 1865 (Honors)
HST150: African-American History I
HST151: African-American History II
HST201: American Women, American Times
HST201H: American Women, American Times (Honors)
HST209: British History Survey
HST215: America in Vietnam
HST215H: American in Vietnam (Honors)
HST220: America On Screen I
HST221: America On Screen II

Political Science (PSC):

PSC103: American Government
PSC105: Introduction to American Government
PSC150: International Relations
PSC201: British Politics and Society

Psychology (PSY):

PSY100: Interpersonal Relations
PSY101: General Psychology
PSY201: Child Growth and Development
PSY205: Human Lifespan Development
PSY210: Introduction to Social Psychology
PSY215: Health Psychology and Bio-Feedback
PSY221: Psychology of Personality Adjustment
PSY230: Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY250: Abnormal Psychology
PSY250H: Abnormal Psychology Honors

Sociology (SOC):

SOC101: Sociology
SOC101H: General Sociology (Honors)
SOC102: Rural Sociology
SOC105: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SOC150: Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems
SOC160: Introduction to Juvenile Justice Systems
SOC170: Introduction to Corrections, Probation, & Parole
SOC205: Social Problems
SOC210: Victimology
SOC211: Sociology of the Family
SOC215: Social Deviance