AA – Humanities and Fine Arts Core 42

Associate of Arts – Humanities and Fine Arts Core 42 Approved Courses

Complete a minimum of 3 courses – 9 credit hours

Two disciplines must be represented. The required hours must be selected from the following list:

1Students may select only one performance course to meet the Humanities/Fine Arts requirement.


Art (ART):

ART 101 Art Survey and Appreciation I1

ART 102 Art Survey and Appreciation II

ART 110 Drawing and Composition I1

ART124 Beginning Sculpture1

ART201 Painting I1

ART205 Ceramics1


Drama (DRM):

DRM 120 Theater Appreciation

DRM150 Acting I1

DRM160 Children’s Theatre

DRM 165 Stage Makeup1

DRM 215 Directing1


Foreign Language (FLN):

FLN 101: Elementary Spanish

FLN 102: Intermediate Spanish

FLN 111: Elementary French

FLN 112: Intermediate French

FLN121 Elementary Arabic

FLN122 Intermediate Arabic


History (HST):

HST 101 Western Civilization I

HST102 Western Civilization II

HST150 African American History I

HST151 African American History II


Literature (LAL):

LAL115 Introduction to Fiction Writing1

LAL116 Introduction to Poetry Writing1

LAL117 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction1

LAL120 American Literature Survey to 1870

LAL121: American Literature Survey from 1870 to Present

LAL125: African-American Literature

LAL125H African-American Literature Honors

LAL150: English Literature Survey to 1750

LAL151: English Literature Survey from 1750 to Present

LAL151H: English Literature Survey from 1750 to Present Honors

LAL153 Introduction to Contemporary Literature

LAL210 A Survey of World Literature I

LAL211 A Survey of World Literature II

LAL250: History and Development of Short Story

LAL 255 Women’s Literature

LAL275 Classical Mythology


Music (MUS):

MUS 101: Fundamentals of Music

MUS 102: *Music Appreciation

MUS 103: History of Rock and Roll

MUS 105: Music of America

MUS 130: MACC Singers I1

MUS 131: MACC Singers II1

MUS 137: Community Band I1

MUS 205: *World Music


Philosophy (PHI):

PHI 150: Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 150H: Introduction to Philosophy (Honors)

PHI 151: Introduction to Logic

PHI 152: Introduction to Ethics

PHI 251: Religions of the World

PHI252 Hebrew Bible