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Associate of Arts - Electives

Electives (21 credit hours required) 

  • Electives may be selected from specific content areas or any other course that meets elective criteria. Electives should be carefully selected with the help of an advisor to meet degree requirements, prerequisites, and preparation for transfer. Transfer institutions may have specific elective requirements. When selecting electives, you should be in contact with any institution to which you may transfer.
  • Veterans may receive two credit hours of physical education for military training programs according to eligibility, application, and submission of qualifying documentation.
  • MTH095 Transitional Algebra counts as an elective course under the AA degree program.
  • Certain career/technical courses which will transfer to a four-year institution may be taken as electives. Students must present written proof from the receiving institution guaranteeing acceptance prior to these career/technical courses being counted as electives.


In addition to the Core 42 courses, any course with the following prefixes will be accepted as electives within the Associate of Arts degree:



(*LAL and MTH courses with numbers from 000 - 099 are developmental and do not serve as electives.)