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Associate of Arts – Biological and Physical Science Core 42 Approved Courses

The Associate of Arts degree requires a student to complete a minimum of 7 credit hours in science. In addition, the science courses must represent each discipline (BIO and PHY) and include a minimum of one lab course. The required hours must be selected from the following list:


Biological Science

AGR141: Plant Science

BIO101: Biology

BIO105: Introductory Conservation Biology

BIO105H: Introductory Conservation Biology Honors

BIO150: General Zoology

BIO151: Introductory Plant Biology

BIO205: Human Anatomy



Physical Science (PHY)

PHY101: Foundations of Physical Science

PHY120: Foundations of Chemistry

PHY121: General Chemistry I

PHY125: Foundations of Physics

PHY140: Soil Science

PHY160: Earth Science I

PHY164: Atmospheric Science

PHY162: Intro to Astronomy

PHY163: Geology

PHY181: General Physics I

PHY201: Engineering Physics I