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Things you need to know

About the Practical Nursing Program:

  2. The Practical Nursing Program is a one-year program. Vacations include 1-week Thanksgiving Break, approximately 2 weeks for Christmas Break, 1 week for Spring Break, and 1 week for Summer Vacation.
  3. The program is fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The Missouri State Board of Nursing approves the college to admit 32 students (Moberly); 30 (Mexico); and 30 (Columbia).
  4. Upon successful completion of program, graduates are eligible to apply to take the National Council of Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses. The State of Missouri Nurse Practice Act, Section 335.066, provides additional criteria for eligibility to apply for licensure as a practical nurse. Successful completion of the program does not guarantee eligibility to take the licensing examination. Satisfactory performance on this exam will qualify the student for licensure as a practical nurse. The State Board of Nursing may deny you the privilege of sitting for the exam if you have ever been convicted of a crime or have an addiction to drugs.
  5. A great deal of material is covered in a short period of time. This requires a dedicated student. We recommend two hours of study for every one hour of class time. It is recommended that student nurses be employed no more than 16 hours per week. (A backup babysitter may be necessary.)
  6. Clinical experience is an extremely important part of your education. Clinical experience is mandatory. All absences must be made up. If more than 10% of clinical is missed, it will be necessary for you to drop from the program. Please be advised that clinical facilities request criminal background checks, a drug screen, health insurance, immunization information, and current BLS certification for the healthcare provider is required.
  7. Most health care facilities the program uses for clinical experience are smoke free environments. It is mandatory the program follows the policies of each facility that are utilized.
  8. The usual clinical days for spring semester are Wednesday and Friday for the Moberly and Mexico campuses. Columbia campus will generally use Tuesday and Wednesday for clinical. Clinical hours vary; the majority will be days (6:30-3:00 pm). During the summer semester, (the middle of May), clinical changes to Tuesday and Wednesday. The Practical Nursing Program uses several health care facilities in the area. Transportation to and from clinical is your responsibility. (Students may car pool.)
  9. The clinical sites are as follows:

    • Fundamentals of Nursing II (Fall Semester)
      • Loch Haven Nursing Home - Moberly Program
      • Moberly Nursing and Rehab – Moberly program
      • Macon Health Care – Moberly program
      • Valley View – Moberly program
      • Missouri Veteran's Home - Mexico program
      • Boone Hospital – Columbia program
      • Lenoir – Columbia program
      • The Bluffs – Columbia program
    • Nursing Care of Adults I & II (Spring/Summer Semester)
      • Moberly Regional Medical Center - Moberly program
      • Samaritan Memorial Hospital - Moberly program
      • Sisters of Saint Mary's-Audrain - Mexico program
      • Boone Hospital – Columbia program
      • Landmark Hospital – Columbia program
      • MU Health Care – Columbia program
    • Pediatrics (Spring Semester)
      • Sisters of Saint Mary's-Audrain - Mexico program
      • MU Womens and Childrens – Columbia program
    • Maternal-Newborn (Summer Semester)
      • Sisters of Saint Mary's-Audrain - Mexico program
      • MU Womens and Childrens – Colubmia program

    Various clinical observational experiences are included throughout the program and the student must provide their own transportation.

  10. Students may be required to attend educational workshops (usually one per nursing class.) The fee for these workshops vary.
  11. Grants and scholarships are available to those who qualify. Contact Student Services and Financial Aid as early as possible to ensure the best chance of securing financial aid.
  12. Purchase of scrubs and other clinical equipment that will be needed will be discussed the 1st week in class, and are the student’s financial responsibility.
  13. Professional Malpractice Insurance is required of all nursing students. The insurance is obtained as a group policy by MACC. The college can certify 100% coverage to the clinical facilities. This policy only covers you as you function in the student nurse role and NOT while working in any other capacity.
  14. There is one critical skills exam in the Practical Nursing program, Intravenous Therapy. This exam has to be passed to progress within the Practical Nursing program.
  15. The Student Practical Nurses Association is an active pre-professional organization here at MACC. All students are encouraged to join. (Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses).
  16. The MACC graduation ceremony is held in May. Participation is optional for Practical Nursing students. This signifies that two semesters have been successfully completed, and the student is entering their final phase of the program. The student is required to apply for graduation and take the HESI exams.
  17. Class hours vary, but are a complete day. Classes are held Monday-Friday. Class hours are subject to vary with each semester.
  18. A Pinning ceremony is held in July. Fees will include nursing pin, invitations, and a pinning fee.
  19. No student is admitted after 5 class days have passed.