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Associate of Science - Engineering Electives

Select 3 for a minimum of 9 credit hours. See Engineering Elective Course Transfer Guide for details regarding best options for specific degree programs at either MU or Missouri S&T.

MACC Course MU Equivalent S&T Equivalent
 AMD 101 Engin Drawing or
 AMD 112 Comp Aided Design
 ENGINR 11000 Engr Graphics Fundmn  GNCR 1XXX General Credit
 CIT 105 Programming I  INFOTC 1040A Intro Prob Solve& Prog  CS 1971,1981 Intro to Prgm Method & Lab
 CIT 205 Programming II  INFOTC 1040A Intro Prob Solve& Prog  CS 1570,1580 Intro to Prgm & Lab
 EGN 201 Statics  ENGINR 1200 Stats & Elem Strn Matr  CIV ENG 2200 Statics
 IND 105 Fluid Power Principles  MISC_ELEC (Miscellaneous Elective)  GNCR 1XXX General Credit
 MTH 250 Differential Equations  MATH 4100 Differential Equations  MATH 3329 Elem Diff Eqn & Matrix Algbra
 PHY 122 General Chemistry II  CHEM 1330 College Chemistry 2  CHEM 1320, 1510 Gen Chem II & Qual Anl
 PHY 163 Geology  GEOL 1100 Princp of Geol W/Lab  GEOLOGY 1111 Intro to Physical Geology