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Raymond and Lorene Elsbury Scholarship


Two $1500 scholarships per year to a student transferring to a 4-year college, to be given $750 per semester and renewable for the second year, also to be given $750 per semester.



  1. College grade point average...cumulative 2.50 GPA, 12 credit hours of degree courses

  2. Extra-curricular activities, high school and college

  3. Service to community

  4. Financial Need:  (see #6)
    • Statement by student concerning:
      • What part of your educational expenses are being covered by, (a) parents; (b) other scholarships (c) other means?

  5. Three letters of reference from:

    • Non-relatives

    • Former employers

    • High school, College faculty & staff

    • Professionals in the community

    • Minister

    • Friends
  6. Statement of Personal goals, Career goals, and Financial need (see #4) ....typed and in narrative form.



  1. 2.50 GPA in degree courses

  2. Minimum of 12 credit hours

  3. Proof of enrollment and payment of fees before money is disbursed.


ADVISORY BOARD....to meet once a year in the Spring

  • Four members of the Foundation Scholarship Committee appointed by the Chair
  • One member of the Foundation Finance Committee
  • MACC Dean of Student Services
  • Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Dean of Vocational/Technical Education



MACC Foundation

In the late summer of 1927, when Moberly Junior College opened its doors, it was because clear-sighted citizens saw education as the way to a better life for their sons and daughters.

That keen vision holds true today 80 plus years later!

MACC opens the doors to a better life for hundreds of students each year and offers abundant opportunities for success to members of the communities it serves.

The Moberly Area Community College Foundation exists for the purpose of advancing, assisting and supporting MACC in areas that are not supported by state and federal taxes or student tuition. To maintain excellence in MACC programs and to meet unforeseen needs, funds must come from sources outside of the institution.
The Foundation is that source!

To order a brochure or if you have any comments or questions please contact: MACC Foundation Office

Foundation Logo 2

MACC Foundation Inc.- Club Level gifts

  • President’s Top Ten- $10,000
  • Benefactors- $5,000-$9,999
  • College Associate- $1,000-$4,999
  • Red and grey Society- $500-$999
  • Columns Club- $200-$499
  • Cornerstone Club- $50-$199
    Friends Club- Up to $49


Scholarship and Endowments

You may contribute to the following established scholarships, endowments, and programs.

  • Iota of Missouri Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Scholarship
  • Activity Center Fund
  • The 49ers Fund
  • Graphic Arts/Fine Arts Center Fund
  • Greyhound Tradition Endowment
  • Jack Conroy Society
  • MACC Endowment for the Arts
  • MACC Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Program
  • Moberly Regional Medical Center/Moberly Regional Health Foundation
  • Loan Forgiveness Program
  • Stan Isle Memorial Fund
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Louis Anderson Trust
  • Dean R. Boyd Memorial
  • Richard J. Chamier Memorial
  • Leon Egley and Jason Acton Peace Officers Memorial
  • Raymond and Lorene Elsbury
  • Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Charles Edward and Margaret Funk Memorial
  • Tom L. Hackward Memorial
  • Grace Forrest Hahn
  • Helen Louise Mallet Memorial
  • Dr. W. H. McCormick
  • Gladys Mikesell Memorial
  • Moberly Branch AAUW Eula Baker
  • Cleo A. Noel, Jr.
  • Charles E. and Margaret L. Hartig
  • Alfred and Hazel Parrish
  • James D. Phelan
  • Austin and RillaMae Pierce
  • Mrs. Louis H. Roach Memorial
  • David W. Stamper Memorial
  • Jeffrey Alan Twenter Memorial

If you have any questions please contact: MACC Foundation Office

Charitable Giving Now and in the Future

Over and above giving to Moberly Area Community College because you love the mission and what you may have received, there are some ways of looking at how and when to give. To give now you may wish to look at:

Appreciated Property: If you have something of value, i.e., stocks, real estate, collectibles that if sold you would owe taxes on the gain, giving (transferring) the property to MACC may entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift and eliminate those taxes. Your immediate deduction may be limited, but you can carry that deduction over to future years.

Bequests: You may easily give cash, property, or even an interest in a business to MACC upon your death. You may be able to leave this property in whole or in part without rewriting your will or trust by simply adding a codicil to existing documents. Ask your attorney or ask us for a referral to someone who can help you.

Charitable Annuities: You may gift property into an annuity and receive an income for the rest of your life (or another beneficiary’s life). Whatever is left over comes to MACC after that. In most cases you even get a current income tax deduction for a portion of that gift. If this interests you, we can make a referral to help you look at this option.

Wealth Replacement: Creatively using life insurance to fund or replace a gift to MACC could possibly be the best of both worlds. You can fund a future gift with today’s dollars and receive a potential tax deduction today. This way your children or grandchildren won’t be worried about their inheritance when they see you giving your assets to charity.

Memorial Gifts: To remember someone by making a donation to the Foundation in that person’s name is a special way to give. The family of the deceased will be notified of your generous gift.


Combinations: Many times there isn’t just one best answer, and you must look at a combination of the above. Let us work with you, your estate planner, and your other advisors to make sure it’s a win, win situation.
In all of these situations, please seek competent legal and tax advice, as many of your choices are irrevocable. All gifts to the Moberly Area Community College Foundation are administered by the Foundation and are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. For more information or for assistance please contact:

MACC Foundation
101 College Ave.
Moberly, MO 65270
660~263~4110 x 11550
800~622~2070 x 11550
e-mail: MACC Foundation Office

Frequently Asked Questions


As a contributor of $50 or more you are entitled to serve as a member of the Board of Directors and have voting privileges.

Gifts of $10,000 or more may be in the form of cash, securities, real property, or
a matching gift. Please check with the personnel office of your company to learn if it has a Matching Gift Program. If so, obtain the necessary form and send it with your gift so that we can apply for a matching contribution.

The Moberly Area Community College Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

You may give a “restricted” gift in which you specify how the gift is to be used i.e. to fund a particular program or buy a particular piece of equipment.

“Unrestricted” gifts are used where the immediate need is the greatest. The Foundation’s Board of Directors judiciously administers all funds, and all gifts are acknowledged in the Foundation’s Annual Report.

The MACC Foundation Board of Directors is composed of local community leaders. Meetings are held quarterly to conduct business and review programs.

Professional College staff conducts daily operation of the Foundation.