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MACC Proudly Celebrates Career and Technical Education Month – February, 2018!


MACC Proudly Celebrates Career and Technical Education Month

CTE Month logo 2017 fullcolor TP small2/5/2018
Students, faculty and staff at MACC will join others across the nation during the month of February to celebrate national Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month®. CTE Month provides CTE programs across the country an opportunity to demonstrate how CTE makes students college- and career- ready and prepares them for high-wage, high-demand career fields. Programs that are offered through MACC include:

  • Allied Health Programs: Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, Phlebotomy and Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • CTE Programs:
    • Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Business Administration, Business Office Administration, Computer Information Technology (Networking & Programming), Early Childhood, Engineering Design & Development (Machine Tool and Architectural & Mechanical Design), and Engineering Systems (Mechatronics & Maintenance).
    • Certificate Programs in Architectural & Mechanical Design, Accounting, Business Office Administration, Computer Information Technology (Networking & Programming), Early Childhood Education, Maintenance, Mechatronics, and Marketing/Management.
    • Certificates of Specialization in Architectural & Mechanical Design and Early Learning Assistant.
    • Law Enforcement Training Center
    • Fire Academy Training Center
    • Emergency Medical Technician Training Center
    • Heavy Highway Construction Training Center
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Center
  • Non-Degree Programs such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medication Technician, Certified Production Technician, and Insulin Administration
  • Other on demand/short term courses such as Web Applications, MS Excel, etc.


What Is CTE infographic“This year we plan to engage students in the CTE programs. The students understand the relevance CTE courses offer them,” said Sonda Stuart, director of the Career & Technical Education Data & Student Success. “CTE programs are investing in students and providing them with the latest technology and skills that will prepare them to become successful employees and future leaders.”

Students can attend public community and technical colleges for a fraction of the cost of tuition at other institutions: $3,520, on average, in 2016-2017.

According to research in Texas, Colorado and Virginia, graduates with technical or applied science associate degrees out-earn bachelor's degree holders by $2,000 to $11,000.

27 percent of people with less than an associate degree, including licenses and certificates, earn more than the average bachelor’s degree recipient.

Career & Technical Education addresses the needs of high-growth industries and helps close the skills gap. Half of all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) jobs call for workers with less than a bachelor's degree. Health care occupations are projected to grow 18 percent by 2026, adding more than 2 million new jobs. Three million workers will be needed for the nation's infrastructure in the next decade, including designing, building and operating transportation, housing, utilities and telecommunications. Almost half of the energy workforce may need to be replaced by 2024, and demand for solar and wind energy technicians will double. More than 80 percent of manufacturers report that talent shortages will impact their ability to meet customer demand.

CTE students on the postsecondary level are also a broad and varied group, but they are more likely than other students to be older, married and working part- or full-time. They are also more likely to come from a family background of less educational attainment. CTE is offered at all levels of postsecondary education, including two-year and four-year colleges. In 2005, more than 5,700 postsecondary institutions--90 percent of all Title IV eligible schools--offered career education. In addition, about 3,200 postsecondary institutions awarded certificates that take at least one year but less than two years and more than 2,500 institutions awarded associate degrees and less-than-one- year certificates.

MACC provides dynamic and accessible educational opportunities that empower our students and enrich our communities. For more information about MACC Career & Technical Programs call 660.263.4100 ext 11238.



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Fall 2017 President's & Dean's List

Fall 2017 President's & Dean's List

Moberly Area Community College recently announced the fall 2017 President's and Dean's lists.

Two hundred four (204) students obtained a 4.00 grade point average in twelve or more semester hours excluding developmental classes for the fall 2017 semester, and qualify for the President’s List. During the fall 2016 semester, Two hundred fifteen (215) students qualified for the President’s List.

Two hundred eighty-nine (289) students obtained between a 3.50 and a 3.99 grade point average in twelve or more semester hours excluding developmental classes for the fall 2017 semester, and qualify for the Dean’s list. During the fall 2016 semester, Three hundred seven (307) students qualified for the Dean’s List.

Developmental courses and pass/fail courses are not included in the calculation of the grade point average.


President's List Fall 2017 (204)

Armstrong: Amy Dale
Ashland: Faryn Griffin; Isaac Wesselmann
Baring: Sarah Snelling
Bethel: Delanie Cochenour
Boonville: William Grimsley
Brashear: Saydie Potter
Brookfield: Laura Baum
Cairo: Bryan Knuppel
Centralia: Rachael Click; Cayla Davis; Tyler Johnson; Shelby Salisbury
Clarksville: Katie McCrory
Columbia: Sanela Abdurahmanovic; Jordan Asher; Noah Backman; Molly Baker; Meagan Barnett; Emily Biswell; Victoria Blakey; Christina Bramer; Kimberlee Butler; Rachel Camoriano; Aleah Canote; Alexis Chandler; Marc Chauvin; Tressa Clouse; Riley Cranford; Danie Cueva Salinas; Colleen Cutts; Hunter Damron; Nicholas Davis; William Dessenberger; Abraham Diab; Abdoul Diallo; Bria Dysart; Brock Easton; Hayley Egbert; Bradley Fairchild; Connor Fitzmaurice; Joseph Freitag; Meredith Grant; Catherine Harris; Darren Hays; Gabriel Hess; Abby Hester; Hunter Hughes; Kaylie Janicki; Jaeseok Jeong; Isaac Jones; Lindsay Kammerich; Sumin Kang; Paige Kempker; Shelby King; Natalie Kroninger; Sierra Lee; Kaitlyn Mabe; Kaden Marshall; Ana Martinez; Grant McDonnell; Connor McGowan; Olivia McKee; Eric McKenzie; Joel Meiners; Gannon Mueller; Daniel Murrieta; Kimberlee Nanna; Chelsea Neal; Jonathan Phillips; Tia Pratt; Sophia Reed; Austin Richardson; Weston Rogers; Tanner Sapp; Tiana Schimming; Justin Schwieter; Erin Simar; Samantha Skaggs; Benjamin Smith; Cole Sonksen; Reagan Soumokil; Tameka Stennis; Kiah Stephens; Lauren Stewart; Bailey Templeton; Mahmoud Thabit; Nohemi Trujillo; Lauren Wankum; Joshua Wedemeyer; Amanda Wiley; Zachary Winn; Chengyu Xie; Louis Youmans; Haris Zugor
Curryville: Brayden McMillen
Ewing: Justice Sly; Tristan Wood
Fayette: Jason Esau; Nathan Smith
Frisco, TX: Skyler Navarro
Fulton: Ryan Custard; Matthew Herigon; Kacie Johnson; Sara Retta; Amber Sifuentes; Edita Wysocki
Green Castle: Laura Valencia
Hallsville: Farley Burke; Zach Keener; Tiffani Mahaney
Hannibal: Sierrah Barbee; Danielle Foster; Thomas Garr; Leslie Graham; James Koch; Kylie Linderman; Kolten Meyer; Tyler Novak; Brittany Rice
Harrisburg: Cassidy Cox; Rayanna Crites; Gracie Williams
Hartsburg: Anne Jackson
Hiawatha, KS: Eric Thompson
Holts Summit: Ryan Smith; Samantha Sneller
Huntsville: Bethany Brown; Ashley Nagel; Austin Sears
Jacksonville: Khersty Myers
Jefferson City: Jerica Breedlove; Lindsey Jimenez; Logan Lepper; Alexis Nelp; Joshua Schrimpf; Andrew Wachter; Taylor Wolfe
Kearney: Hayden Edwards
Kirksville: Ann Adams; Tigist Eastin; Jordan Eddy; Rachael Hoehn; Sonya McDowell; Savannah Wheeler
La Belle: Taylor Gonnerman
La Plata: Catherine Gaerditz
Linn: Rebeka Pyatt
Luray: Dalanee Tripp
Macon: Jessica Boehm; Steven Dale-Jenkins; Melissa Pearce; Wesley Ray
Madison: Robyn Purdy
Marceline: Franklin Herring
Memphis: Taylor Enlow
Mexico: Jessica Bauman; Jennah Blue; Kelli Denton; Jennifer Fish; Katilyn Foreman; Morgan Hall; John Peery; Laken Riley; Erin Ward; Rachel Willett
Moberly: Rohokist Amadou; Clifford Brockmeier; Sidney Coy; Omar Diab; Jesse Dixon; Joelle Greenwood; Jacob Lashley; Christina Lewis; Stephanie Ley; Zachary Mattox: Jason McFarland; Joshwa Payajo; Autum Smith
Mokane: Madison Pierson
Monroe City: Amanda Rubison
Montgomery City: Sidnee Brumagin
New Boston: Alesha Jackson
New London: Sylvia Astorino; Kristen Schmits
New Richmond, WI: Caitlin Wollenberg
Palmyra: Kristie Franklin
Paris: Laine Forrest
Perry: Kelsey Keil
Pleasant Hill, IA: Billi Formaro
Quincy, IL: John Moskal
Rocheport: Naomi Prather
Rogersville: James McGuire
Saint Louis: Tyree White
Saint Thomas: Renee Stockman
Salisbury: Cory Erickson
Shelbina: Jordan Baker; Mary Caves
Shelbyville: Abbey Rich
Sturgeon: Taylor Allen
Suwanee, GA: Razan Teyani
Thompson: Lauren Ransom
Trenton: Robert Bonnett
Valley Park: Mary Dezner 


Dean's List Fall 2017 (289)

Ashland: Maria Blanchard; Louise Ganse; Ryan Millar; Eric Millar; Katelyn Nichols; Gage Schupp; Shelby Wesselmann; Megan Wyatt
Auxvasse: Alana Gilman; Kyle Hurd
Bevier: Tiffany Smith
Bonnots Mill: Dakota Baumhoer
Boonville: Pierce Daugherty; Asa Linneman; Jacob Rahmer
Bowling Green: Kyle Bucks; Michelle Hearn
Brampton, Canada: Sean Miller-Moore
Bunker: Lacey Bowen
Cairo: Shelby Ackley; Nathanial Richardson; Alex Warren
California: Ashtyn Goans
Canton: Vera-Clair Eaton
Center: Amanda Camden
Centralia: Derek Dopler; Conner Hardman; Matthew Hensley; Shayla Ralphs
Clarence: Linn-Grete Andreassen; Brittany Beckley
Clark: Kara Bonnarens
Columbia: Breanna Aldridge; Baqar Almajed; Salsabil Alshaar; Sydnee Anderson; John Anderson; Samuel Babel; Fangyi Bai; Claire Barnard; Eraste Bishazi; Brittany Blair; Nina Bosovik; Devin Bowne; Wyatt Breshears; Elisha Brooks; Savannah Broughton; Kathleen Brown; Michael Buxton; Natalie Caldwell; Juan Chacon; Kathryn Comiskey; MacKenzie Crabtree; Nathaniel Culwell; William Cupp; Roland Davis; Alexis Davis; Amandabelle Dawdy; Samantha DeHart; Caleb Dees; Dorothy Dixon; Nathanael Drage; Elizabeth Fenner; Cameron Fenton; Sarah Finley; Christopher Freeman; Allicyn Freyer; Kevin Gal; Miles Gibson; Bailey Grieshaber; Levi Hagar; Jenny Hancock; McKenzy Harris; Anthony Harvey; Katie Harvey; Ash Heath; Megan Heath; Morgan Heetland; Justin Hendricks; Brenda Hernandez; Guan Huang; Ben Humphreys; Gloriya Ilieva; Taylor Jancetic; Megan Jefferson; Jonathan Jenkins; Ryan Johnston; Kirstyn Kaster; James Kegley; Kaitlyn Keltner; Young Le; Jacqueline Leonard; Taylor Liscum; Karen Long; Careen Lugenge; Carley Maberry; Erick Mejia; Luis Mendez; Kaitlyn Mobley; Lameck Mwamgiga; Karina Neumaier; Kendra Nobles; Mahamed Nour; Yue Pan; Kaitlyn Parks; Mytsy Perez; Matt Pettus; Matthew Richmond; MacKenzie Riegel; Noah Robertson; Sam Robinson; Amanda Rodriguez; Zoey Rodriguez; Kelsey Rosson; Oscar Santana; George Sarafianos; Bailee Shelby; Bolaji Shoroye; Ashley Smith; BriAnna Stiles; Michael Stuart; Christina Thomas; Rui Tian; Shelbi Vandiver; Honglin Wang; Shelby Williams; Victor Willis; Brandon Wilson; Landon Wiswall; Brianna Woodburn; Haitian Yan
Curryville: Gail Hughes
Downers Grove: Brad Rempert
Durham: Miranda Abell
Eolia: Aaron Kuntz
Fayette: Morgan Angle; Tommy Phillips
Fenton: Kelsey Horan
Fulton: Andy Baysinger; Travis Dean; Kyle Moser; Sydney Moss; William Nichols; Anna Threatt; Madison Tobias
Greentop: Kiley Lewis; Leah Murphy
Hallsville: Kenzie Burks; Courtney Cotton; Krisia Johnson; Ashley Martin; Zachary Mayfield; Deborah Pierce; Katherine Staples; Jonathan Staples
Hannibal: Christian Blaine; Samantha Gaulke; Cooper Lewis; Caleb Lionberger; Michael Miller; Austin Robertson; Joseph Sheffer; Jami Sims; Shayla Stovall
Harrisburg: Kaitlan Lewis
Hartsburg: Jacob Haenchen; Nathan Jacober; Julia Lacy; Kristin Lacy
Higbee: James Dougherty; Sabrina Huddleston
Holliday: Amanda Shumard; Britany Williams
Holts Summit: Katelyn Holt
Hopkinsville: JaQualis Matlock
Houston, TX: Sentreal Gregory
Huntsville: Christopher Beaudoin; Royce Black; Morriah Buckler; Sierra Samp
Hurdland: Dyson Jones
Independence: Sarah Newman
Ingleside, IL: Rebecca Wold
Jefferson City: Jose Ayala; Madison Bell; Ashton Glass; Zachary Hobbs; Madison Kenworthy; David Palmeri
Keytesville: Collin Byrd; Emely Medlin
Kingdom City: Kaitlyn Warfield
Kirksville: Kevin Kincanon; Keanan Kite; Dusty McBee-Wiper; Matthew McFarland; Aidan Murphy; Amanda Perry; Miranda Pope; Yordanos Schneider; Haleigh Simler; Stuart Symington
La Grange: Ian Bartz
La Plata: Tanner Smith
Lancaster: Laynee Schubert
Lee's Summit: Carter Machetta
Lentner: Dylan Cooper
Leonard: Jonathon Johnston
Livonia: Devin Vestal
Louisiana: Jackson Campbell; Chadwick Dowell; Kelly Smith
Macon: Jordan Bowdish; Reece Dwiggins; Jordan Elliott; Destiny Herndon
Madison: Maddison Breid; Corrie Dunkin; Lance Johnston; Kimberly Ketchem
Mahomet, IL: Madeline VanHoutan
Marceline: Nicolas Chiolerio
Martinsburg: Adam Hombs
Memphis: Michael Barrett
Mexico: Stephen Cinea; Makayla Foreman; Emily Hercules; Molly Kaiser; Josh Kelly; Cindy Niswonger; Rebecca Phipps; Christopher Pierson; Robert Reynolds; Kayla Scobee; Michelle Stephens; Vernon Ulrich
Moberly: Kaytlyn Adams; Kili Alexander; Scott Bissell; John Boyles; Aubrey Chisholm; Jess Culbertson; Ryan Field; Daran Gaines; John Greer; Jeremy Hedrick; Madeline Henke; Jordan Loveless; Levi Maupin; Lucas McCollum; William Rucker; Mason Schaefer; Shelby Sires; Kelly Snodgrass; Gavin Stoddard; Alesha Vinyard
Mokane: Shelbie Quick
Monett: Jorden Henson; Joshua Nickell
Monroe City: Margaret Arnold; Kelby Painter; Caitlin Reese
Montgomery City: Makinze Swarthout
New Bloomfield: Rylee Rackers
New Florence: Amber Stewart
New London: Loren Carlisle; Aerial Cox; Jeffrey Damon; John Taylor
Novinger: Cameron Willis
O'Fallon, IL: Travis Borner
Palmyra: Chloe Churchwell; Sara Hudson; Dylan Whiston; Joshua Wortman
Paris: Betsy Embree; Payton Ness
Quincy, IL: Judith Macfarlane
Saint Thomas: Victoria Lackman
Shelbina: Hannah Allison; Quinn Blake
Shelbyville: Jamie Dahl-Smith; Kaitlyn Mersman
Springfield, IL: Alexis Henry
Stoutsville: Melissa Wicks
Topeka: Julia Smith
Unionville: Shayla Hixenbaugh
Wentzville: Amanda Orf



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Blood Drive at MACC - Mexico


Blood Drive at MACC - Mexico


You can help save a life by donating blood Tuesday, January 23rd. Walk-in donors are welcome or you can save time by signing up for an appointment at www.redcrossblood.org (use zip code 65265 and select Advanced Technology Center) and completing a Rapid Pass. Rapid Pass will allow donors to complete the pre-reading material and answer all their health questions online. You will need to print out the Rapid Pass confirmation page and bring it with you on the donation day. We can't wait to see you on January 23rd!

If you have any questions regarding this blood drive please contact, Holly Whitworth 573-582-0817 ext. 13619.

MACC - Mexico
2900 Doreli Ln,
Mexico, MO 65265




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Jorgenson Gallery Hosts Missouri and the Great War Traveling Exhibit


Jorgenson Gallery Hosts Missouri and the Great War Traveling Exhibit


Moberly residents can explore Missouri’s vital role during World War I in a traveling exhibit featuring stories, images, and artifacts from museums, libraries, archives and private collections across the state, including the Randolph County Historical Society.

The exhibit, Missouri and the Great War, is currently on display in the Jorgenson Gallery at Moberly Area Community College until February 23, 2018.  The community is welcome to attend a free, public reception on Tuesday, January 30, from 5-7PM, featuring Denzil Heaney, Administrator of the General John J. Pershing boyhood home in Laclede, MO. Heaney will cover General Pershing’s life after he left Laclede and discuss new WWI memorials.

Missourians contributed to the war effort even before the United States joined the hostilities in April 1917. Missouri industries supplied mules, munitions and other goods to Allied armies. More than 156,000 Missourians served in the war, including future president Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney and Gens. John J. Pershing and Enoch Crowder.

To tell these stories, the Springfield-Greene County Library District and the Missouri Humanities Council developed the traveling exhibit to explore World War I history through the perspective of Missouri and Missourians. Visitors to the Jorgenson Gallery will learn about the contributions of Missouri women and African Americans to the war effort and discover the vital role Missouri horses and mules played in the war.

The exhibit includes two touch-screen kiosks, where visitors can explore more content and locate Missouri’s World War I monuments, as well as a seven-minute documentary featuring footage from the war.   The Jorgenson Gallery also partnered with the Randolph County Historical Society to present artifacts donated by families of local soldiers such as supplies and uniforms.

“One of the Missouri Humanities Council’s priorities is helping local communities maximize their resources and bring exceptional cultural programming to all Missouri residents,” said Steve Belko, executive director of the Missouri Humanities Council. “Missouri and the Great War allows Missouri communities to access historical archives from across the state.”

Missouri and the Great War will travel to a total of nine locations, including Kirksville’s A.T. Still University and libraries and museums across the state in 2017 and 2018. The exhibit is based on the online digital archive www.missourioverthere.org, which features documents, photographs, artifacts, and other WWI items from 30 Missouri museums, archives, libraries and historical societies.

The Missouri Humanities Council and the Springfield-Greene County Library District developed this exhibition with funding provided by the Missouri Humanities Council, Friends of Springfield-Greene County Library District, and the RDW Family and Community Fund.

The Jorgenson Fine Arts Gallery, named in honor of MACC President Emeritus Dr. Evelyn E. Jorgenson, was created during the remodel of the historic MACC Coliseum in 2002. The wing provides an updated and expanded space for Graphic Arts & Fine Arts programs, including lab space, classrooms, and studios. The Gallery hosts rotating exhibits throughout the year featuring the work of national and international artists as well as local high school and MACC student work. The Gallery is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 7AM to 8:30PM and on Friday from 7AM to 4PM.



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MACC AG Launching in Mexico


MACC AG Launching in Mexico


In response to community need and demand and in an effort to expand offerings at its Mexico, MO, campus, Moberly Area Community College is moving forward with designing and implementing programs focused on the agriculture industry. Students pursuing these degrees would be able to use their A+ benefit to pay for classes.

Students with plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in an agriculture field will now have additional choices available to them in MACC’s Spring 2018 course offerings. New courses will be phased in over the next 18 months. Rural Sociology, the first new course designed for students interested in agriculture, will be offered in the online format in the Spring semester.

Additional courses that will be developed and phased in over the coming months may include Soils and Plant Science. Course rotations will be adjusted to ensure that students have access to transfer courses that are recommended for a four-year degree in agriculture; these courses include Atmospheric Science, Introduction to Business, Geology, Biology, Plant Biology, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics.

MACC faculty and staff are currently working with an Agriculture Advisory Board comprised of local business leaders and educators in the Mexico area. The Board’s goal is to identify and recommend an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in an agriculture field that would provide the training and education needed to serve the area’s employment needs.

MACC’s Engineering Systems Mechatronics degree is scheduled to be expanded to the Mexico campus beginning in Fall 2018. Courses offered in the Mechatronics degree could also serve as courses in an AAS agriculture degree; some of these courses include Fluid Power Principles, DC/AC Electronics, and Mechanical Systems.

For additional information about MACC’s agriculture initiatives e-mail .

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor visit the following link:




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