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MACC Celebrates Adult Education and Literacy Week

The Moberly Area Community College Adult Education and Literacy Program (AEL) and the Randolph County Family Literacy Program joins the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL) to celebrate National Adult Education and Family Literacy week. The community is invited to the Adult Education and Family Literacy Reception to kick off the observance. The week runs September 13 through September 17, 2010. The purpose of this event and special week is to raise awareness for the need to continuously improve the literacy skills of the citizens of our region. The reception will be held from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 10, 2010, in the Blue Room of Moberly Area Community College. Special dignitaries and local literacy advocates will give short presentations.

The MACC AEL program, Randolph County Family Literacy Center and Randolph County Literacy Council continually strive to help adults become better prepared for success in life as productive people in the workplace, successful family members and engaged citizens. Studies by the National Assessment of Adult Literacy have found that citizens with low literacy skills are more likely to live in poverty and 9% of adults in Randolph County lack these basic literacy skills.

The MACC AEL program is an education program serving adults, 16 years of age and older, who function below the high school completion level with emphasis on reading, math, and English Literacy. Instructors work with each adult student to design an individual learning plan that responds to the student’s needs and goals: e.g., to get a job; to help their children with homework and be successful in school; to get off welfare and achieve a family sustaining income; to learn the English language, understand U.S. culture, and participate in society; to complete high school or obtain a GED; and/or to transition to community college or other education and training programs.

The Randolph County Family Literacy Center, located in Moberly for eight years, is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Randolph County Caring Communities Partnership. To be enrolled in the program, a caregiver must have a child seven years old or younger, live in Randolph County and need to earn a GED or high school diploma. The program helps parents earn a GED or high school diploma. While parents are in class, their children are enrolled in an area early childhood center where they are learning and preparing to succeed in school. Parents increase life, parenting, and job skills and learn how their child learns best.

The Randolph County Literacy Council is working to reinforce the message that everyone should be able to read and participate in our society. For the past two years, with the Missouri Humanities Council, the Council has participated in the “Read First” program, which believes that all children need books in their lives.

To grow our economy, enhance the skills of our workforce and provide the opportunity for financial self-sufficiency to those on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder, adult education is crucial.


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