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MACC: Columbia Higher Education Center Relocates

MACC students, faculty and staff have been anticipating the move from MACC's location on Walnut (as well as the buildings being used for overflow on Mizzou and Stephen's College campuses) to a new spacious location in Parkade Plaza for more than a year. July 12 marked the first day of classes at the new location. Sure, boxes were still being unpacked, offices were being arranged and computers hooked up, but it didn't deter the students hurrying to class or standing in line to register for fall classes or surfing the net in the computer labs. Walking down the noticeably roomier halls, you could hear people saying,

"Wow, that's about all I can say is wow!"

"This is huge!"

"Nice digs!"

"Look at how big my office is."

"I hope I don't get lost."

"It's so nice."

This is so big!"

"Umm, do you have a map?"

"Look at how much parking there is!"

"Maybe we'll take over the whole thing [Parkade]."

The excitement is heavy in the air along with the scent of new carpet and paint with a twinge of buttery popcorn coming from the machine at the front entrance. Check out this short tour of the nearly complete MACC: Columbia Higher Education Center. MACC.edu will post more photos of the completed building soon.



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