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MACC Partners with Truman ROTC

Last fall Moberly Area Community College joined forces with the Truman State University Army ROTC program to create a partnership allowing MACC students to enroll in the Senior Army ROTC Program. This will also open the door for those students to receive financial assistance through the military. Students who complete the program while at MACC have the option of automatic enrollment into a ROTC Advanced Course Program at any university or college that offers ROTC. Truman State University has offered various academic services to MACC in order to facilitate a possible transfer to Truman State University.

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a training program of the United States armed forces present on college campuses to recruit and educate commissioned officers. It is designed as a college elective, and studies focus on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning and professional ethics.

This exciting opportunity means that MACC students now have access to the same military science instruction as Truman students, and, in most cases, the ROTC provides all textbooks, uniforms and equipment for MACC students.

MACC students are considered members of the Truman Corps of Cadets and are allowed to participate in any military function or extracurricular activity conducted by the Corps of Cadets. MACC students can also compete for ROTC scholarships alongside Truman students.

“We started the Military Science classes last fall with our students going to TSU to take the Introduction to Military Science I course. This spring we expanded the program via ITV to our other sites, with the Military Science instructor teaching from our Kirksville site,” said Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Paula Glover. We also arranged flexible lab options for students who are unable to drive to Kirksville to fulfill that portion of the course.”

These courses fulfill electives within MACC’s Associate of Arts degree. Students are not required to join the ROTC program in order to enroll in these courses. However, MACC students who have attained sophomore level (24 credit hours) do have the option of becoming a “contracted” student (i.e., joining the ROTC program) while still enrolled at MACC. The ROTC program does offer financial benefits to contracted students.

“We are truly excited about the opportunity to reach the caliber of students that MACC has at its six campuses. This is a unique opportunity for both schools. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only two schools in the state of Missouri that have this type of ROTC educational agreement. We believe that there is no better way to learn leadership techniques on a college campus and this program can now be offered to MACC students,” said CPT Bill Gardner, Truman State University Scholarship and Enrollment Officer.

Even though Truman staff are teaching the classes, MACC students are receiving MACC credit (and paying at MACC’s tuition rate) through the agreement with Truman ROTC.

Introduction to Military Science I and Introduction to Military Science II are lecture courses that cover the topics of fitness and nutrition, substance abuse and prevention, time and stress management, basic small unit tactics, map reading, and protection against environmental injuries. Basic leadership principles are also emphasized.

In conjunction with the lecture, students also have the option of completing a one-credit hour lab, which includes both physical training and field exercises. In other words, students may choose to take only the lecture for one credit or both the lecture and lab for two credits. The lab section is arranged; students have two options available for meeting lab requirements.

In lab option one, students attend six different labs/field exercises at Truman on six different dates: SEER (Search, Evade, Evacuation, and Rescue) Lab, Combatives Lab, Combat Operating Environment Lab (optional for extra credit), Combat Water Survival Lab, Survival Lab, Paintball Lab, Rappelling and Branch Orientation Lab.

Option two for the lab/field exercise component requires students to attend a two-day Field Training Exercise. This past spring semester’s Field Training Exercise was held at the Macon Training Area. Students stay overnight in the Armory. They are issued uniforms and fed at the Armory. Topics taught include basic rifle marksmanship, land navigation, (day and night), close quarter combat, and drill and ceremony. The Field Training Exercise is conducted in Great Race format.

In addition to the lab/field exercises, students are also required to complete six physical training sessions. The training sessions are to be documented in a student journal. Options for the physical training include playing a team sport (e.g., basketball, church league softball or volleyball, etc.), a swimming session, three running workouts (long distance, sprints, hills, etc.), and participating in an individual life sport, (a round of golf, canoeing, kayaking). These physical training sessions are not designed to get the students in shape but to expose them to various athletic activities. A physical training test will be conducted during the semester in order to assess their physical fitness.

“I went to MACC in the fall of 2009 while attending ROTC classes at Truman State University. I found that coordination between the two schools’ advising departments made my transition much easier. I have been able to further develop my leadership skills while attending military science classes which will help me to achieve my fullest potential in life,” commented Jr. ROTC Cadet and former MACC student Brian Decker.

If you are interested in ROTC, contact Captain Bill Gardner at Truman State University. He may be reached at the following numbers or email address: 309-333-0207 (cell), 660-785-4453 (office), .

Ranger Challenge cadets compete on the obstacle course during a field exercise as part of Truman State University’s ROTC Program’s Military Science courses offered to Moberly Area Community College students.

Cadets prepare for a weekend of training as part of Truman State University’s ROTC Program’s Military Science courses offered to Moberly Area Community College students.

Cadets compete in a zodiac boat race during a field exercise as part of Truman State University’s ROTC Program’s Military Science courses offered to Moberly Area Community College students.


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