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Welcome to your new semester!
If you have questions about Canvas, our new class portal, the new email system, or how to use your own device at MACC, we want to help! Look for a #newstuff logo in the Library & Academic Resource center (LARC) at your location or ask a faculty or staff member to point you in the right direction. Here are a couple of reminders to help make this semester great!

New Email System

MACC rolled out a new student email system over the summer that has a great, new look and feel and is mobile-friendly. The name has also been changed from houndmail.macc.edu to mail.macc.edu.

Houndmail.macc.edu will be available through the fall semester, but all MACC communication will go to mail.macc.edu. Houndmail will be removed after the end of the fall 2015 semester, so please forward anything currently housed on houndmail.macc.edu to your mail.macc.edu account.

To access the new email system, use the same username and password you used for houndmail. For example:



Please note: Over the summer, all email passwords were reset. Visit the front desk at your location with questions on how to reset your password. Remember, a photo ID is required.

New Online Class Portal

Many classes have moved to Canvas, our new online portal, instead of using MACC Online (Tristate). You can find out which classes are using Canvas at our online login page or ask your instructor. 

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