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College Theater Department presents Almost, Maine


The Theater department at Moberly Area Community College will present Almost, Maine, a play by Joe Cariana, Thursday through Saturday, April 23, 24, 25, at 7PM each night.

After a short Broadway run, Almost, Maine has become a hit in college and community theaters across the nation. The show is different from notion of a conventional play with a clearly defined plot and climax, says Director Joyce Pauley. Instead, the playwright gives the audience small vignettes of the people who live in Almost, Maine, on the evening of February 28th. That evening, the community witnesses an intense Aurora Borealis, the entrancing, night sky phenomenon caused by electrically charged particles from the sun tumbling into the earth's magnetic atmosphere.

"It's almost as if something magical is happening to everyone in the town at the same time," explains Pauley. "They're falling into love, falling out of love or starting something new in every situation."

The characters resemble people and personalities that are very similar to those in the audience. They have the same insecurities and social problems. They want to be in love, and want someone to love, but aren't necessarily good at it. Some are afraid of commitment (in one instance waiting 11 years to propose) and they are nervous about expressing their love or why they feel they way they do about someone significant in their lives.

"These are regular, down-to-earth people who just happen to live in the northernmost areas of the country. Where the stars are amazing and winter never seems to go away," said Pauley. "This is a story of magical new beginnings."

Almost, Maine does not actually exist. It is a territory in upper reaches of Maine. One of the characters in the first scene explains that to become a real town, the community would have to get organized. However, they have never been organized enough to complete the process, thus they are almost a town. Playwright Joe Cariana is from the area and the play is based on his reality there.

Tickets are $5 for adults & $3 for students. MACC students are free with student ID. For more information on the MACC Theater department or upcoming events at the College, call 660.263.4100 or visit macc.edu.



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