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MACC Presents, Town Full of Heroes, This Week

Join us this weekend at Town Full of Heroes, MACC's fall show Nov. 8, 9, 10 at 7:00 PM. It is 1984, the summer of the Los Angeles Olympics and Doug and Jenny are renting their home to a visitor for the event. Unfortunately things don't work out as planned. Before they can get away, Doug's demanding boss insists he work the weekend, an Eastern European fencer defects in their living room, a state department agent arrives talking about spies disguised as tourists, and the renter arrives two days early. And it goes downhill from there. As Doug tries to prevent a nervous breakdown and Jenny tries to save the marriage, the other characters play right into the spy's hands. Guaranteed to make you laugh, Town Full of Heroes is a PG rated, family friendly good time.

All full time staff are eligible for 2 free tickets available from Tammy Richardson. Adult tickets are $5, MACC students are free, and all other students and children are $3.


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