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MACC’s Kara Kirkendoll is Published

2460875_origMost people have some sort of hobby they dabble in outside of the confines of their work life. We may golf or garden, fish or sew, travel or read. But guaranteed, most of our hobbies cost us more than we ever make off of them and rarely do they lead us into another possible career.

Moberly Area Community College’s Accounts Payable Specialist, Kara Kirdendoll may break the mold with her hobby. Kirkendoll recently self-published her first novel, Ghost of a Chance.

The novel can be purchased at http://karakirkendoll.weebly.com It can also be purchased as an e-book for an ereader through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Kirkendoll will be holding a book signing at the Moberly Little Dixie Regional Library on May 19th from 9 am until Noon to give Moberly residents a chance to meet her and purchase her book.

Ghost of a Chance is a paranormal romance set in New Orleans.

“When Drew Taylor is evicted from her French Quarter apartment, she feels that she has finally hit rock bottom in her already troubled life. She soon finds the deal of a lifetime though in a beautiful castle-like mansion that miraculously no one seems to want. That is until bizarre things start happening and Drew realizes that she isn’t exactly alone.

Brendan O’Keefe has been stuck in his own personal hell for one hundred and fifty years. He refuses to share the house that he is bound to until Drew shows up, along with her luggage, and she refuses to leave. He finally gives up trying to get rid of her with his ghostly antics and starts to give in to the feelings that she is stirring inside of his formerly frozen soul.

Brendan and Drew soon come to realize that there is a lot more to Brendan’s murder and that in breaking his curse, there just may be a way for them to be together after all. Will it take Drew leaving this earth in order to make it happen? How far is she really willing to go to save their love?”

Ghost of a Chance isn’t Kirkendoll’s first writing attempt or even her first time to be published.

“I began writing poetry when I was about 12 years old. I decided to place some of them on poetry.com about 9 years ago and one was published in a poetry book released by poetry.com about a year later,” said Kirkendoll.

The book was Twilight Musings and the poem, “Dragonflies and Lilies”.

“I have wanted to write a novel for as long as I can remember. Finally, about four years ago I sat down and wrote a whole paragraph,” confessed Kirkendoll.

She put it away for a year and then after three years put it away again and began to write an entirely different novel, which eventually became Ghost of a Chance. It took nearly a year to write with most of the work being done at near the end of the year.

“I am now working on a sequel to Ghost of a Chance and plan on finishing it more quickly than my first novel. I think my biggest fear was that everyone would hate it and that I would never write again. Now that no one is actually ‘hating’ it, I feel free to write away!” explained Kirkendoll.

Kirkendoll earned her Associate degree in Business/Accounting and is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Business/Finance.

“I did not go to school to be a writer as it was more of a hobby to me. I never thought that it was something I would be able to do to support a family. Not that I didn’t secretly wish that it would someday, but I wasn’t holding my breath and I am still not!” commented Kirkedoll.

Join her on Saturday at the Moberly Little Dixie Regional Library to discuss her novel and maybe she’ll reveal her plans for the next edition as well.


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