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Clay Elledge is Named Columbia Volunteer of the Month

For many City of Columbia volunteers, their service is a way of “paying it forward” for a kind gesture someone paid to them. This is the case for February volunteer of the month, Clay Elledge, coordinator of computer services at Moberly Area Community College. Elledge was asked by a colleague if he would be interested in supervising a student for Columbia’s Career Awareness Related Experience (C.A.R.E) program. He jumped at the opportunity.

The C.A.R.E. program was created to help Columbia youth develop basic skills while working in a professional environment and learning a good work ethic for future career opportunities. As a C.A.R.E. supervisor, Elledge has spent time mentoring and instructing his C.A.R.E. trainee while helping to expand his trainee’s technical aptitude within the Information Technology (IT) field. Elledge said volunteering for the C.A.R.E. program was an easy decision, as he was grateful for the guidance he received when getting into the IT field. “I was in an electronics program in college, a dying field at the time. I had good professors who took me under their wing and showed me that the building blocks of electronics could take me far in the IT world,” he said.

Elledge says he enjoys the opportunity to help another young person. “I know this field is not easy to get in to. I wanted to help someone else learn the ropes and show them what a job in IT would be like. I enjoy seeing how my student has grown and improved.”


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