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Multi-point Polycom Use

Multi-point IP video conferencing using Radvision MCU located at the ATC in Mexico, MO

Location and time scheduling of Polycom Viewstations is mandatory. Click here for Scheduling Information

To turn the Polycom system on:

1. Make sure the surge protector is turned on.
2. Make sure unit is plugged to network wall jack.
3. Turn on power to Viewstation. (The yellow "IP" & "Gatekeeper" will flash on the screen for about 1 minute while the system is booting, when it disappears or turns green the station is ready to connect.)
4. Turn on power to TV.
5. Centrally locate microphone in relation to conference participants.

To place a call:

1. Use red arrow buttons to move cursor on TV icon in center of screen.
2. Press enter button (center red button) to open video phone.
3. Input appropriate channel/password from table below.
4. Each location joining in the multi-point conference will have to know and use the same channel/password combination to be linked in the same conference.

Calls can be placed at 384kb connection rate.

To disconnect a call:

1. Press the green button twice.

To adjust the volume:

1. Volume control on right side of remote. (mute button for near side on remote or press button in center of microphone)

To change the camera view:

1. Adjust camera left, right, up, or down using red arrows on remote.
2. Zoom button on remote adjusts zoom in/out.
3. Each location must individually adjust camera location.

To turn the unit off:

1. Hit green button twice to close video conference session.
2. Power switch on TV to off.
3. Power switch on Viewstation to off.
4. Coil microphone cord onto cart cord holder.

Channel/password combination you need to know to join multi-point conference:

1. Passwords (represented by xxxx in the table) can be between 1000 and 9999. (ie. for a three way MACC multi-point conference one could use 871234 )
2. You will need to share the Channel/Password with each of the locations desiring to connect via a multi-point conference.
3. Multi-point conferencing is accomplished through the use of a MCU that is located at the ATC in Mexico, MO.


  Institution Channel/password Maximum # of connections
  Linn State Technical College 86xxxx 3
  Moberly Area Community College 87xxxx 3
  University of Missouri-TCRC 88xxxx 3
  Large Conference (shared) 89xxxx 9