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Blue Room Polycom Operation Instructions

Important Numbers - Blue Room
Polycom IP address:
Room Telephone: 660-263-4110 x265


Equipment Location in Closet

Wireless Mic. Receiver (for lapel microphone)

S - Master Power Switch
C - Polycom Camera Switch
T - Telephone Cradle

Polycom VS4000 (audio/video codec)
Emerson DVD/VCR Player (input source)
Kenwood Audio Amplifier (sound amplifier)
TOA Gated Mixer/Pre-amp (controls input levels)

17" LCD monitor/TV - for use with Polycom for 2nd monitor (a bar stool is stored behind the door to the right of the equipment closet to be used as a stand for the 17" 2nd Polycom monitor)

Various inter-connecting cables are stored on the shelves of the equipment closet:
S-video cable
Mini-stereo cable
Network cable
XLR microphone cable
Surge protector
SVGA (RGB) cable

Equipment Not Located in Closet
Panasonic Video Projector--mounted overhead at back of stage
Projection Screen--mounted overhead at front of stage
Polycom Camera 1--mounted overhead at front of room
Polycom Camera 4--mounted overhead at back of room
Ceiling microphone--mounted overhead at front of room
Ceiling microphone--mounted overhead at back of room

Cabling inter-connection area (wall jacks located on west wall near front of stage)


1 2
3 4

  Port Description
  S1 S-video out to 2nd Polycom monitor
  S2 S-video in to Polycom for camera 2 input source
  1 Telephone line to MACC telephone switch (660-263-4110 x265)
  2 Table top Polycom microphone direct input to Polycom
  3 Sound input to gated mixer (can be used to input sound into room sound system from a laptop computer)
  4 Extra jack (not presently used)
  R Right channel sound input to gated mixer
  W Left channel Sound input to gated mixer
  Y Video input to Panasonic mounted projector
  B SVGA (RGB) video input to Panasonic mounted projector (way to connect a laptop to the projector)
  G XLR microphone connection to gated mixer
  N1 10/100 network connection
  N2 10/100 network connection
    TOA Mixer/Pre-Amplifier 8 Channel Location Descriptions
  1 Ceiling microphone at front of Blue Room
  2 Ceiling microphone at back of Blue Room
  3 Wireless lapel microphone
  4 XLR connection on stage (G)
  5 Mini-stereo connection on stage (3)
  6 Right and Left channel connection on stage (R) and (W)
  7 Spare
  8 Spare

(The normal starting level for the gated mixer is turning the knob about 3/4 up)

Infrared Remote Controls
Polycom - slender black one
Panasonic projector - silver credit card sized one
Emerson DVD/VCR - white
Kenwood amplifier - black

Polycom/Video Projection Equipment Setup/Startup

1. Equipment setup--if using the LCD monitor--set up bar stool or table and connect to power using surge protector from shelf in equipment closet, connect S-video cable between (S1) and S-video connection on the monitor, turn on monitor.
2. Lower motorized projection screen. Use toggle switch on front stage wall.
3. Turn on master power switch (S) in equipment closet.
Turn on camera power switch (C) in equipment closet.
4. Turn on Panasonic projector using the power button on the remote. You will need to be standing on or near the stage area so that the projector can sense the infrared remote signal.
5. Wait for all of the equipment to power-up.
6. Place video conference call using Polycom remote. Select input sources, i.e. cameras, DVD/VCR as desired using the NEAR button on the Polycom remote.

Polycom/Video Projection Equipment Shut Down

1. Close out of video conference or video projection.
2. Turn off Panasonic projector using remote (press power button twice to begin the cool-down/shutdown of projector).
3. Return projection screen to UP position.
4. Turn off master power switch (S).
Turn off camera power switch (C).
5. Return equipment and cords used to equipment closet.
6. Turn off equipment closet light. Look to see that the master power switch and camera power switch turned off all equipment.
7. Lock equipment closet.

NOTE: If you are using the equipment to just show a video presentation using either DVD/VCR or a laptop computer, the master power switch (S) will turn on all necessary equipment, except the Panasonic video projector which will need to be turned on using the projector remote. You can then select the appropriate input source if using the DVD/VCR by pressing the NEAR button on the Polycom remote and selecting input source #3 or if you are using a laptop you will need to use the Panasonic projector remote to select RGB1.
Projector Video input sources that are selected using the Panasonic projector remote are described below. The Video and S-Video selection are changed by pressing the remote VIDEO button repeatedly until the desired selection is made. The RGB1 and RGB2 selections are changed by pressing the remote RGB button repeatedly until the desired selection is made.


  Source Wiring Connection
  Video Connected to stage wall plate (Y)
  S-Video Connected to Polycom video output source 1
  RGB1 Connected to stage wall plate (B)
  RGB2 Not connected