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Philosophy and Mission Statement

Medical Laboratory Technician

The mission of Moberly Area Community College (MACC) is to foster excellence in learning and provide every individual with a chance to succeed. The Medical Laboratory Technician program supports this mission. It has been developed under the framework of and consistent with the philosophy of the college. This program will prepare and graduate area individuals who will join medical professionals in a clinical laboratory setting. Many career opportunities are open to medical laboratory technicians, for example:

  • Staffing hospital, private, and public health laboratories anywhere at any shift, part-time, or full-time.
  • Specialized positions in hematology, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, parasitology, mycology, virology, serology, blood banking, hemostasis, toxicology, or molecular biology.
  • Research and development of new test procedures, products, and equipment.
  • Research and quality control in industry positions.
  • Sales distribution of pharmaceuticals or laboratory products.
  • Forensic laboratories.
  • Education and training programs for medical laboratories.
  • Technical specialists to teach new procedures and instrumentation.

Equal opportunities exist for men and women. MACC’S Medical Laboratory Technician program prepares individuals to work successfully in these environments. The MLT program at MACC has a 100% job placement rate for its graduates within 6 months of completion of the program.

In keeping with the college’s pursuit of excellence, the program’s structure includes didactic instruction as well as clinical training in a variety of settings, taught by qualified instructors from a variety of backgrounds. The program strives to develop graduates who demonstrate technical competence and sound decision-making skills. It promotes concern for patient welfare and an awareness of ethical, professional behavior.

Developers believe that operation of the MLT program in area healthcare facilities strengthens the healthcare team. Faculty and clinical instructors become stronger clinical professionals when they provide information, direction, and guidance to students. The public becomes aware of a group who provide essential information in health care delivery. Central Missouri benefits because well-trained laboratory professionals assume their place on the health care team.