About Enrique's Journey

The Book

The 2017-2018 One Read book is Enrique's Journey, a non-fiction account of the hardships faced by a young Honduran boy as he travels north to find his mother in the U.S. Enrique attempts to navigate illegally through Mexico, riding a train migrants nicknamed "El tren de la muerte," dodging migration officials looking to deport him, and avoiding a network of criminal gangs seeking to profit from robbing and beating migrants.

Through the narrative of Enrique, Author Sonia Nazario explores the themes of

  • poverty,
  • crime,
  • immigration, and the
  • desire of migrants to forge better lives for themselves and their families.

Where to Find it

  • Amazon Link - Has various paper, audio, and ebook formats.
  • Google Books Link - Has a preview of the ebook (scan of paper book) as well as links to print versions of the book.

Google Books Preview


  • Forthcoming, as we are just starting to pilot the book.