Committee Members

Listed below are all of the LOGOS committee members use the faculty and staff directory for contact information..

Member Title Position

Cindy Droege

Instructor of Language & Literature Co-chair

Barbie Underwood

Associate Professor of Sociology Co-chair

Becky Allen

Assistant Professor of Psychology Member

Deanna Blickhan

Instructor of Architectural and Mechanical Design Member

Todd Bowdish

Instructor of Biological Science Member

April Camden

Instructor of Language & Literature Member

David Caples

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Member

Valerie Darst

Director of the Library & Academic Resource Center Member

Stacy Donald

Resource Coordinator Member

Tracy Huang

Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Program Member

Henry Imler

Instructor of Philosophy Member

Felicia Leach

Associate Professor of Art Member

Michelle Scanavino

Associate Professor of Biological Science Member

Tami Sells

Director of Instructional Services Member

Magi Smith

Instructor of Language & Literature Member

Andrea Weingartner

Assistant Professor of History Member

Heather Wilburn

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Member

Jacque Wingard

Payroll Specialist Member