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MACC offers the following degree programs and courses online:

Degree Programs

• Associate of Arts – Transfer Degree


Online Course Schedule

Online courses offer convenience and flexibility for today’s student. In turn, they require discipline, self-motivation, and time-management skills for successful completion. Participating in the course on a regular basis is a must, as well as activating and utilizing your MACC email account. If you are competent in basic computer skills, have reliable internet access at home (or alternate means to access the internet), and need flexibility in your course scheduling, then online courses may be for you!

MACC utilizes eCollege Pearson Learning Studio to deliver online courses. Students are expected to participate in a variety of ways including posting in threaded discussions, completing online journals, reading, watching or listening to lectures, and turning in various homework assignments. There is not a set time the student must access the course. However, students must meet assignment deadlines specified by the instructor.

Some online courses require proctored examinations, which are exams given at one of our sites or in a monitored setting by an approved person.

Online class sizes are comparable to MACC’s face-to-face courses and MACC Online students have many college resources available to them. Live online tutoring via Blackboard Collaborate is offered each semester. MACC’s Kate Stamper Wilhite Library is accessible via internet and boasts several electronic databases and resources for student research. An eLibrarian is available in select online courses, offering students a direct link to library personnel.


Questions about MACC online? Call 660-263-4110 x11303 or email us at .


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